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Simon Foner
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


"For the invention and development of the vibrating sample magnetometer and many of its successful applications, and for the innovative development of very high field pulsed magnets."


Dr. Foner received his BS in 1947, MS in 1948, and DSc in 1952, all in physics, from the Carnegie Mellon University.  After a postdoctoral appointment at Carnegie Mellon University, he joined Lincoln Laboratory at MIT in 1953 and the Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory at MIT when it was organized in 1961. He retired as Associate Director and Chief Scientist in 1995 and is currently a visiting scientist.

Dr. Foner's condensed matter physics research is in magnetism, basic and applied high field superconductivity, materials science, magnetometry and high field physics and technology.

Dr. Foner is a Fellow of the APS, IEEE, and AAAS as well as a member of the APS Instrumentation and Measurement Topical Group, the APS Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics, Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Xi. He has served on various professional committees and panels, and been elected to several offices including: the DCMP as member at large (1970 - 1972), DCMP Executive Board (1978 - 1981), APS councilor (1982 -1986); the Applied Superconductivity Conference Board (1982 - 1988): International Cryogenic Materials Conference Board (1979 - 1985): Chair of ICMC (1983 - 1985): and member at large of the APS Magnetism Group (1997 - 1998). He was chosen distinguished lecturer for the IEEE Magnetics Group (1982 - 1983), served on the IEEE Trans. Magnetics editorial board (1981 - 1991), (1995 - 1997), and is the Consulting Editor of The Review of Scientific Instruments.

Selection Committee:

Alan F Clark (Chair), L. Craig Davis, John Clarke ('98 Recipient), Lawrence G. Rubin (Vice Chair), Adam C. Daire