Prize Recipient

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Masao Doi
Nagoya University


"For pioneering contributions to the theory of dynamics and rheology of entangled polymers and complex fluids."


Masao Doi graduated from the Department of Applied Physics of University of Tokyo in 1970. In 1976 he received his Doctoral Degree in Engineering at the Univsersity of Tokyo and began his academic career as an Assistant Professor of physics at the Tokyo Metropolitan Univsersity. He moved to Nagoya University in 1989 where he is currently Professor of Computational Science and Engineering . His early research was concerned with the dynamics and rheology of flexible polymers, especially with developing a theoretical description of the role of molecular entanglements for determining the transport properties to flexible polymer solutions and melts. More recently, his research has focused on the dynamics of soft materials, and its computational modeling.

Masao Doi was a Fellow of the Science Research Council at Cambridge University from 1976 through 1978. He has received awards from the Polymer Society of the Japan and Rheology Society of Japan for his research on polymer dynamics and rheology. He is also the recipient of the Japan IBM Award of Science and doctor honoris causa of Katholic University Leuven, Belgium. His monograph, `The Theory of Polymer Dynamics` with Sam Edwards has become the standard reference on nonlinear rheology of flexible and rod-like polymers.

Selection Committee:

Kenneth Steven Schweizer (Chair), Marshall Fixman, Lewis J. Fetters ('00 Recipient), Scott Milner (Vice Chair), Sonja Krause