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Cari Cesarotti


"For exploration of collider signals of physics beyond the Standard Model, including the development and assessment of a novel collider event-shape observable tailored for distinguishing strongly coupled hidden sectors from background, and studies of physics at future muon accelerators and colliders."


Cari is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT. Her research program is devoted to searching for signs of new physics beyond the Standard Model. This effort includes developing novel observables and analysis tools, model-building new physics scenarios, and interfacing theoretical studies with experimental results. Cari is also a strong proponent of future colliders and is an active member of the muon collider community. Before MIT, she completed her BA in physics at Cornell University in 2017 summa cum laude researching dark-photon experiments primarily with Prof. Jim Alexander. She then moved to Harvard University to complete her dissertation in high-energy particle theory under Prof. Matthew Reece in 2022. While at Harvard, Cari was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and was the first physics candidate to receive the Theodore H. Ashford Fellowship for the Sciences. Cari also enjoys engaging in outreach activities such as the annual Adopt-a-Physicist program as well as volunteering with local schools and programs geared towards URMs.