Prize Recipient

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Sergei Anisimov
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow


"For outstanding contributions to plasma physics ranging from fundamental plasma theory to laboratory plasmas, controlled inertial fusion and astrophysical phenomena, particularly in the areas of laser interaction with plasma, plasma dynamics and stability, compressed matter and turbulence."


Professor Sergei Anisimov graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (St.-Petersburg Technical University, 1958), received his PhD from the Institute of Physics, Byelorussian Academy of Sciences (1961), received his Doctor of Sciences Degree from P.L. Kapitza Institute of Physical Problems, USSR Academy of Sciences (1970). He worked in A.F. Ioffe Institute for Physics and Technology (1958),  Institute of Physics, Byelorussian AS (1959 – 1965), L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (1965 – present time), Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (1967 – 1994), Joint Institute of High Temperatures, USSR Academy of Sciences  (1988 – 1994). In 1987 he has been elected as correspondent member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Published more than 230 papers devoted to plasma physics, laser fusion, physics of condensed state, laser-matter interaction. Member of Scientific Councils on Plasma Physics, on Nonlinear Dynamics, on Combustion and Explosion. Member of the IUPAP committee on mathematical physics (1996-2002), member of the Executive committee of AIRAPT (1997-2003).