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Tonia Williams
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


"For developing outstanding educational resources that are distributed free to physics teachers in 130 countries, for fostering an international peer-to-peer teacher training network, and for delivering inclusive and inspiring educational programs to students around the world."


Tonia Williams is a Senior Manager at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in the area of Educational Outreach. Her work is focused on the delivery and development of current and engaging science educational content for teachers. Tonia manages Perimeter’s Teacher Network which includes hundreds of international educators dedicated to sharing high impact physics resources, and striving to increase science literacy around the world. The Teacher Network reaches more than 3000 new educators annually, and Tonia plays a key role in ensuring ongoing engagement, as well as updating resources with the latest research, and building a broad pedagogical community. Tonia completed her undergraduate studies in health sciences and subsequently, earned Bachelor and Master’s degrees in education. She is passionate about interacting with teachers to develop useful educational materials and to implement impactful professional learning opportunities.