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Marie Strickland
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


"For developing outstanding educational resources that are distributed free to physics teachers in 130 countries, for fostering an international peer-to-peer teacher training network, and for delivering inclusive and inspiring educational programs to students around the world."


Marie Strickland is Associate Director of Educational Outreach at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. She is responsible for the management of the Educational Outreach team and program delivery. Among the international physics education community, Perimeter’s outreach team are recognized leaders, particularly in the areas of pedagogical resource development, professional teacher training workshops, and individual classroom programs for students. Marie oversees each of these programs, working with her team to incorporate cutting-edge research into interactive modules and workshops. Her work has reached students and teachers in 130 countries across the globe. She led, for example, the development and execution of the Power of Ideas exhibition that visited 191 communities and engaged more than 70,000 youth. Marie also leads Perimeter’s general public programming, most notably the influential Public Lecture Series and the recently launched podcast, Conversations at the Perimeter. Marie and the Outreach team have a strong history of collaborating with like-minded organizations to expand on existing programming and networks.