Prize Recipient

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Karol Bacik
University of Cambridge


"For an elegant study of dune-dune repulsion and dune-obstacle interaction using laboratory experiments, data analysis, and mathematical modeling, elucidating the intricate feedback between sediment dynamics and fluid mechanics."


Karol Bacik, a native of Poland, received his BSc in Mathematics from Imperial College London in 2016, and a MASt in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2017. He stayed at the University of Cambridge to work under the supervision of Nathalie Vriend and Colm-cille Caulfield on his PhD on sand dune interactions, which he earned in 2021. In 2021-2023 Karol Bacik was a Research Associate at the University of Bath, where he investigated a range of problems in active flows and mathematical biology. Currently, he is an Instructor in Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.