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Gerald Gabrielse
Northwestern University


"For pioneering work in molecular physics, cooling, and spectroscopy that has profoundly advanced the search for the electric dipole moment of the electron, and for placing stringent constraints on modifications to the Standard Model in a tabletop experiment."


Gerald Gabrielse probes the predictions, symmetries and proposed “new physics” extensions to the Standard Model (SM) using “tabletop” measurements. He determined the electron’s magnetic moment more precisely than any other elementary particle property, to test the SM’s most precise prediction. His invariance theorem and self-shielded solenoid made this possible, along with the most precise mass spectroscopy and robust MRI. His ACME electron electric dipole moment measurement probed for CP violation with exceptional sensitivity. Low energy antiproton and antihydrogen physics was launched by his vision, demonstrations of enabling methods, and matter/antimatter comparisons. Gerald Gabrielse is the founding director of the Center for Fundamental Physics at Northwestern University and the Trustees Professor of Physics. He earned a B.S. from Calvin College (1972) and a PhD from Univ. of Chicago (1980). At the Univ. of Washington, he advanced from Chaim Weizmann postdoc to Associate Professor. At Harvard for 30 years, he was the Leverett Professor of Physics and the Physics Department Chair. Gabrielse is a member of both the US National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He received the APS Lilienfeld Prize, the APS Davisson-Germer prize, the Humboldt Research Award in Germany, and the Tomassoni and Chisesi Prize in Italy. He was awarded both Harvard’s Levenson Prize for teaching excellence and its Ledlie Prize for research excellence.