Prize Recipient

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Andrzej J. Buras
Technical University Munich


"For exceptional contributions to quark-flavor physics, in particular, developing and carrying out calculations of higher-order QCD effects to electroweak transitions, as well as for drawing phenomenological connections between kaons, D mesons, and B mesons."


Master Degree, Warsaw University 1971, PhD Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen 1972, Postdoctoral Fellow at Niels Bohr Institute (1972-1975), CERN Fellow (1975-1977), Fermilab Scientist (1977-1982), Max-Planck-Institute (Munich) (1982-1988), Full Professor at Technical University Munich (1988-2012), Emeritus of Excellence of TUM (2012 -now). Max Planck Medal 2020 of the German Physical Society, ERC-Advanced Grant 2011-2016, Smoluchowski-Warburg Medal of the German and Polish Physical Societies 2007, Ordinary Member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (2010), Foreign member of Polish Academy of Sciences (2013) and of Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (2011), Member of the Academia Europaea