Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Physics Prize

To recognize and encourage outstanding theoretical or experimental contributions to condensed matter physics. The prize consists of $20,000 and a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient or recipients. It will be awarded annually.

Establishment & Support

The prize was endowed in 1952 by AT&T Bell Laboratories (now Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent) and is currently co-sponsored with the HTC-VIA Group as a means of recognizing outstanding scientific work. It is named in memory of Oliver E. Buckley, an influential president of Bell Labs.

Rules & Eligibility

Each prize shall be awarded for a most important contribution to the advancement of knowledge in condensed matter physics. The prize shall ordinarily be awarded to one person but may be shared when all the recipients have contributed to the same accomplishments. Nominations will be considered for three review cycles provided the nominator re-certifies the nomination before the next deadline.

Nomination & Selection Process

Deadline: Monday, June 3, 2024

The nomination package must include:

  • A letter of not more than 5,000 characters evaluating the qualifications of the nominee(s)

In addition, the nomination should include:

  • A biographical sketch.
  • A list of the most important publications.
  • At least two, but not more than four, seconding letters.
  • Up to five reprints or preprints.

To start a new or update a continuing nomination, please see the Prize & Award Nomination Guidelines.

2024 Selection Committee Members: N. Phuan Ong (Chair), Ali Yazdani, Roser Valenti, Nikta Fakhri, Steven Kivelson, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Stuart Brown, and Bulbul Chakraborty

The membership of APS is diverse and global, and the nominees and recipients of APS Honors should reflect that diversity so that all are recognized for their impact on our community. Nominations of members belonging to groups traditionally underrepresented in physics, such as women, LGBT+ scientists, scientists who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), disabled scientists, scientists from institutions with limited resources, and scientists from outside the United States, are especially encouraged.

Nominees for and holders of APS Honors (prizes, awards, and fellowship) and official leadership positions are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.

2024 Recipients

Ashvin Vishwanath
Harvard University

Qikun Xue
Tsinghua University

Past Recipients

2023: Ali Yazdani
          J.C. Séamus Davis
2022: Emmanuel I. Rashba
          Gene Dresselhaus
2021: Moty Heiblum
2020: Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
2019: Alexei L. Efros
          Boris I. Shklovskii
          Elihu Abrahams
2018: Paul Michael Chaikin
2017: Alexei Kitaev
          Xiao-Gang Wen
2016: Eli Yablonovitch
2015: Aharon Kapitulnik
          Allen Goldman
          Arthur Hebard
          Matthew Fisher
2014: Philip Kim
2013: John Slonczewski
          Luc Berger
2012: Charles L. Kane
          Laurens W. Molenkamp
          Shoucheng Zhang
2011: Juan Carlos Campuzano
          Peter Johnson
          Zhi-Xun Shen
2010: Alan Mackay
          Dov Levine
          Paul Steinhardt
2009: Jagadeesh Moodera
          Paul Tedrow
          Robert Meservey
          Terunobu Miyazaki
2008: Mildred Dresselhaus
2007: Allan H. MacDonald
          James P. Eisenstein
          Steven M. Girvin
2006: Noel A. Clark
          Robert Meyer
2005: David Awschalom
          Gabriel Aeppli
          Myriam Sarachik
2004: David Nelson
          Tom Lubensky
2003: Boris Altshuler
2002: Jainendra Jain
          Nicholas Read
          Robert Willett
2001: Alan Harold Luther
          Victor John Emery
2000: Gerald J. Dolan
          Marc Aaron Kastner
          Theodore Alan Fulton
1999: Sidney Robert Nagel
1998: Chang C. Tsuei
          Dale J. Van Harlingen
          Donald M. Ginsberg
          John Robert Kirtley
1997: James S. Langer
1996: Charles Pence Slichter
1995: Rolf Landauer
1994: Aron Pinczuk
1993: F. Duncan M. Haldane
1992: Richard A. Webb
1991: Patrick A. Lee
1990: David Edwards
1989: Hellmut Fritzsche
1988: Alan B. Fowler
          Frank F. Fang
          Phillip J. Stiles
1987: Robert J. Birgeneau
1986: Robert B. Laughlin
1985: Robert O. Pohl
1984: A. C. Gossard
          D. C. Tsui
          H. L. Stormer
1983: Alan J. Heeger
1982: Bertrand I. Halperin
1981: David M. Lee
          Douglas D. Osheroff
          Robert C. Richardson
1980: Dean E. Eastman
          William E. Spicer
1979: Marvin L. Cohen
1978: George D. Watkins
1977: Leo P. Kadanoff
1976: George Feher
1975: Albert W. Overhauser
1974: Michael Tinkham
1973: Gen Shirane
1972: James C. Phillips
1971: Erwin Hahn
1970: B. T. Matthias
          T. H. Geballe
1969: D. G. Thomas
          J. J. Hopfield
1968: J. Robert Schrieffer
1967: Harry G. Drickamer
1966: Theodore H. Maiman
1965: Ivar Giaever
1964: Philip W. Anderson
1963: William M. Fairbank
1962: B. N. Brockhouse
1961: Walter Kohn
1960: Benjamin Lax
1959: Conyers Herring
1958: Nicolaas Bloembergen
1957: Charles Kittel
1956: Clifford G. Shull
1955: LeRoy Apker
1954: John Bardeen
1953: William Shockley