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The APS Fellow Archive contains records of many APS Fellows from 1921 to the present. Please note some Fellows may not be displayed or may display with limited information.

The archive is a historical record and is not updated to reflect current information. All institutional affiliations reflect the Fellows’ affiliations at the time of election to APS Fellowship.

For a current listing of Fellows who are active members, or to find Fellows currently affiliated with your institution, please use the APS Member Directory. For questions about the archive or to inquire about locating a record, please contact APS Honors Staff at honors@aps.org.

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Gerbrand Ceder [2020]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For extensive contributions to the fundamental understanding of energy storage materials, and for pioneering the materials genome approach for computational materials design.
Nominated by: GERA

Hartmut Haeffner [2020]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For seminal contributions to quantum information processing with trapped ions, including the implementation of a universal set of quantum gates, quantum state tomography, development of novel ion traps; and for improving precision measurements with entangled states.
Nominated by: DQI