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John Edward Allen [1989]
University of Oxford
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of high-current discharges, thermal plasmas, Langmuir probes and sheaths, and waves in plasmas.
Nominated by: DPP

Donald B. Batchelor [1989]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For theoretical analysis and code developments in the areas of plasma heating by electromagnetic waves at electron and ion cyclotron resonance frequencies and the subsequent plasma thermalization.
Nominated by: DPP

John Robert Cary [1989]
University of Colorado, Boulder
Citation: For applications of modern dynamical analysis to plasmas, which led to the development of the ponderomotive Hamiltonian, an algorithm for finding integrable systems, and the theory of separatrix crossing.
Nominated by: DPP

Ferdinand V. Coroniti [1989]
University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For his theoretical and experimental research on radiation belt physics, magnetospheric substorms, collisionless shocks, accretion disks, and, especially, slow shocks and magnetic-field line reconnection.
Nominated by: DPP

Richard Paul Drake [1989]
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the characterization and understanding of laser plasma interactions, particularly stimulated Raman scattering.
Nominated by: DPP

Louis A. Frank [1989]
University of Iowa
Citation: For the development of a whole generation of charged-particle detectors used to measure plasma distribution functions in outer space.
Nominated by: DPP

Stanley Humphries [1989]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For pioneering work in the invention of efficient ion diodes and in the generation and transport of intense ion beams through accelerating structures.
Nominated by: DPP

Glenn Russell Joyce [1989]
Naval Research Laboratory
Citation: For his contributions in plasma simulation using particle techniques, developing the first simulation models of plasma double layers, pioneering in the field of two-dimensional plasma turbulence, and his efforts toward the simulation of relativistic.
Nominated by: DPP

Charles Fielding Finch Karney [1989]
Sri International
Citation: For contributions to the theory of stochasticity and its application to ion heating, and for the establishment, by numerical computation, of theories of current-drive by radio-frequency waves in tokamaks.
Nominated by: DPP

Ka-Ngo Leung [1989]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For important contributions to the development of diverse novel ion sources, and for furthering our understanding of the electric discharge processes and the plasma physics involved.
Nominated by: DPP

Gerald A. Navratil [1989]
Columbia University
Citation: For his identification of dissipative trappedion modes, contribution to Thomson scattering diagnostics, and leadership in design and experiments of high-beta tokamaks in the second stable region.
Nominated by: DPP

John A. Tataronis [1989]
Not available
Citation: For seminal contributions to the theory of propagation and heating by Alfven and other waves in magnetized plasmas.
Nominated by: DPP

Michael Georges Tuszewski [1989]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For an outstanding combination of experimental study and insightful theoretical analysis of fusion-related plasma phenomena. Especially noteworthy are his major contributions to understanding field-reversed configurations, electron-beam propagation.
Nominated by: DPP

John Edmond Walsh [1989]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For imaginative experiments on beam-plasma interactions, the interaction of coherent radiation with matter, development of Cerenkov and metal-grating free-electron lasers, and the electromagnetic response of snow and soil.
Nominated by: DPP