NSF Physics REU Leadership Group (NPRLG)

The NPRLG is an independent organization of REU physics site directors working with the American Physical Society (APS) to further the collective interests of physics REU programs. The NPRLG and APS maintain regular communication with, though are independent from, the NSF, who funds the REU grant program. The APS is helping to facilitate the interests of the physics REU site directors through its offices and resources. The NPRLG is committed to enhancing undergraduate student research experiences through cooperative engagement of the Physics REU site directors.

The NPRLG has created a google group (PhysicsREU [at] googlegroups.com) to facilitate sharing of resources and communication. E-mail the group if you are interested in joining or in learning more.

The NPRLG are evaluating common assessment tools for eventual use across all Physics REU sites who want to participate, to address NSF's desire for common assessments in the physics REU program. Many of us have found the CIMER assessment tool, which makes use of the URSSA questions, to be very useful. If you are submitting an REU grant, and would like to join in our CIMER common assessment program, please plan to add $350 per year for CIMER in your budget.

NPRLG Executive Committee (2023)

Sathya Guruswamy - NPRLG

Paula Rodriguez Hidalgo

Camillo Mariani

Sathya Guruswamy
Past Chair
University of California, Santa Barbara

Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo
University of Washington Bothell

Past Chairs
Catherine Mader (2017)
Garfield Warren (2018)
Aaron Geller (2019)
Daniel Serrano (2020)
Brianna Mount (2021)

Map of Current REU Sites

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