Undergraduate Research

Resources for Undergraduate Research

APS provides resources to support university faculty and other physicists offering research experiences for undergraduates.

Undergraduate Research Program Resources
A list of resources for undergraduate research programs, including assessment tools and studies, publicity resources and reports on effective practices for undergraduate research programs.

REU Conferences
REU conferences bring together representatives from the NSF-funded Physics REU Sites for two-day workshops to discuss effective practices in the current REU programs and to learn more about effective practices in programs outside of the NSF-REU Physics Sites.

Statement on Undergraduate Research Format - PDF
In 2008, the APS Committee on Education passed the Statement on Undergraduate Research calling for research experiences for all physics and astronomy undergraduates.

APS Council Statement on Undergraduate Research
In 2014, APS called upon the nation’s four-year colleges and universities and their physics and astronomy departments to provide or facilitate access to research experiences for all undergraduate physics and astronomy majors.

Undergraduate Research Mentor Training
The Physics Research Mentor Training Seminar is a facilitation guide to a training seminar for physics faculty, postdocs, and graduate students who are in mentorship roles. The guide is intended to help physics researchers improve their mentoring skills, and to improve the research experiences of the next generation of physicists.