99.1 The Education of Science Teachers

The American Physical Society urges the physics community, to take an active role in improving the pre-service as well as inservice education of K-12 science teachers. Improving teacher training involves building cooperative working relationships between physicists in universities and colleges and the individuals and groups involved in teaching science to K- 12 students. Strengthening the science education of future teachers addresses the pressing national need for improving K-12 education and recognizes that these teachers play a critical education role as the first and often-times last physical science teacher for most students. While this responsibility can be manifested in many ways, research indicates that effective teacher education involves hands-on, laboratory-based learning. Good science and mathematics education will help create a scientifically literate public, capable of making informed decisions on public policy involving scientific matters. A strong K-12 science education is also the first step in producing the next generation of researchers, innovators, and technical workers.

Adopted by the Council on May 21, 1999
Category: Education

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