Displays in the Workplace of Graphic Material Depicting Demeaning Images of Women

(Adopted by Council on April 17, 1988)

The Council of The American Physical Society has long been concerned with the serious under-representation of women and minorities in the profession of physics and, over the years, has established a number of programs that attempt to counter this trend. The Council now urges each member of the Society to help in this effort by being sensitive to all matters that affect the atmosphere of the physics workplace.

In particular, actions that create a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment for any group undermine the affirmative action efforts of the Society and should be eliminated. These actions include the public posting of materials that are insulting, derogatory, or exclusionary to a particular group.

We call upon all members of the Society to help ensure that persons of every race, gender, and ethnic origin may feel a welcome part of the physics community.