Anti-DEI Legislation Across the United States

In October 2023, APS, the American Association of Physics Teachers, and the National Society of Black Physicists partnered to organize informational webinars on anti-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) legislation. Two webinars were presented: one on Florida and this webinar on legislation across the country. Each webinar featured an expert guest speaker who provided reference materials to supplement their presentations.

Guest Speaker

Jeremy C. Young, PhD, is the Freedom to Learn program director at PEN America, the professional society for writers. In this role, he leads PEN America’s efforts to fight government censorship in educational institutions, with a particular focus on the higher education sector. He directs PEN America’s work on educational restrictions, the Champions of Higher Education initiative, and an expanding network of coalitions to mobilize support for professors and teachers. Young holds a PhD in US history from Indiana University.

Young shared PEN America’s extensive resources on anti-DEI issues.

Reports by PEN America

PEN America's resources on Educational Gag Orders provide an introduction to anti-DEI legislation, covering bills introduced between January and September 2021 that intended to restrict teaching and training in K-12 schools, higher education, and state agencies and institutions.

In America's Censored Classrooms, PEN analyzes the landscape of state legislative efforts to restrict teaching about topics such as race, gender, American history, and LGBTQ+ identities in K–12 and higher education.educational gag orders as of August 2022.

The ACE-PEN America Resource Guide provides campus leaders and other stakeholders with guidance on how to navigate the often difficult terrain of free expression in higher education.

PEN America also provides a map of educational gag orders, with an accompanying report, that provide useful information.

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