APS Supports International Year of Quantum Proposal Passed by UNESCO Executive Committee

COLLEGE PARK, MD, June 20, 2023  – The executive board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recently endorsed by acclamation the proposal to declare 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology (IYQ2025) and to include the item in the UNESCO General Conference’s agenda. 

The executive board further recommended that a resolution for IYQ2025 be adopted by the UNESCO General Conference and invited UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay to support efforts leading to its proclamation by the United Nations General Assembly. The American Physical Society (APS) appreciates the efforts of the Mexican Physical Society and Mexico’s delegates on the UNESCO executive board for leading the proposal’s presentation.

“This is a remarkable achievement, with 57 countries officially co-sponsoring the resolution, and with broad geographical representation spanning continents across the globe,” said APS CEO Jonathan Bagger. 

The proposal will be considered  at the UNESCO General Conference in November 2023, followed by the United Nations General Assembly for the official declaration. The purpose of  IYQ2025 is to raise awareness and highlight how quantum science and technology play a central role in various human activities, ranging from the development of devices such as lasers and transistors to the engineering of quantum systems. 

Additionally, IYQ2025 will highlight the potential of quantum science and technology to address pressing societal issues such as climate change, clean water, and medical imaging – topics that are important in meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Those goals cover 17 areas, including poverty, hunger, and climate change, that world leaders agreed to address by 2030. 

To prepare for IYQ2025, APS is supporting an international executive committee chaired by Joseph Niemela of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics.  The committee also includes  leaders from the Mexican Physical Society and the European Physical Society.

“This is an amazing collaborative effort that signals a strong commitment toward the role that quantum science and technologies play in finding solutions to our most challenging issues around the world,” said Claudia Fracchiolla, APS Head of Public Engagement, who supports the executive committee.  

“We are so excited for IYQ2025 and look forward to celebrating with people around the world,” she said.

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