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J09.00002: Ball Lens Optical Trap
Leo Nofs, Michael A. Viray, Cainan S. Nichols

J09.00004: $\Lambda$-enhanced sub-Doppler cooling in a grating magneto-optical trap
Daniel S. Barker, Eric B. Norrgard, Nikolai N. Klimov, Stephen Eckel

J09.00005: Confinement of an alkaline-earth element in a grating magneto-optical trap
Peter Elgee, Ananya Sitaram, Daniel Barker, Gretchen Campbell, Nikolai Klimov, Stephen Eckel

J09.00006: Investigating the possibility of entropy transfer between particles and laser fields during cooling processes
John Bartolotta, Jarrod Reilly, Murray Holland

J09.00009: Magneto-optical trapping with complicated level structures and geometries
Eric Norrgard, Stephen Eckel