Physicists Profiles

What You Can Do With Physics

Physicists don't all work in labs or teach physics, although many do, and love their jobs.

A physics degree will qualify you for a variety of careers from inventing to analyzing to improving.  Find out the diversity of physics by exploring the jobs of these physicists.


Aaron Weiss

aaron weiss thumb

Aaron's passion for making things has led him to Google, prototyping devices as new ideas emerge.

Albin Gonzalez


Think physics and medicine don't mix? Think again! Discover the field of medical physics and Albin, a medical physicist helping patients beat cancer.

Alejandro Rodriguez


Can we one day have paper-thin cell phones? Alejandro's work may just figure out how.

Alice White


Alice went from a minority in her field to a leading researcher in exciting new technologies.

Alicia Soderberg


Alicia once wanted to be an environmental scientist, but she fell in love with looking at the stars in the night's sky.

Alison Binkowski


Alison is a physicist, policy analyst, avid traveler, and proficient in Spanish and Mandarin.

Amy Ziegler

Amy Ziegler thumb

Amy, an Intellectual Property Attorney and part owner of her law firm, enjoys the fast pace and variety of working in trademarks.

Anthony Day


Working as an electronics technician and an undergraduate researcher put Anthony on the path to a national lab.

Beth Brown


High school physics bore Beth so much she dropped it- but a look through a telescope changed her mind.

Brenda Rubenstein

Brenda Rubenstein thumb

As an Assistant Professor and prior postdoc at a national lab, Brenda pursues her research interests and mentors students.

Brent Wouters

bwouters- thumb

A love for aircraft took Brent to the top of the corporate ladder.

Brett Gilbert


Interested in law? Physics prepared Brett for the courtroom.

Brian Andrews

Brian Andrews thumb image

A previous attempt has proven to put more obstacles in Brian’s path, but that hasn’t stopped him.

Brian Cox


Brian went from rocking out on stage to Britain's rock star of science.

Carlos Gutierrez


Carlos is a materials scientist inspiring students and finding materials to make devices work better.

Chien Chung (Didi) Pei


Didi has contributed his design skills to structures all over the world.

Christina Barrow

Barrow 1

Christina uses physics everyday to make sure that veterans receive quality cancer radiation treatments.

Claudia Alexander


Claudia wrote science fiction and rode horses when she wasn't studying comets and moons.

Collin Joseph


Collin loves to cook when he's not too busy in the biophysics lab.

David Sweigart


A chemistry internship got undergraduate David hooked on physics, and took him to the LHC.

David X. Cohen


David grew up surrounded by science, but chose to pursue comedy writing as a career.

Deborah Berebichez


As a child in Mexico, Debbie was told science wasn't for girls. Debbie however broke down that barrier and is now a Wall Street analyst. She invites all girls to join her!

December Martin

December Martin

A former hardware engineer, December manages projects in the biomedical technology industry to produce medical devices.

Desiré Whitmore

Desiré Whitmore

Desiré found her dream job at the Exploratorium, a museum where she works in science education and teaches hands-on professional development workshops.

Edward Thomas


Edward admits that physics is hard, but there are many exciting projects that make all the work worthwhile.

Ellen Ochoa


Ellen once considered an education in music, but instead, she became the first Hispanic woman in space.

Elon Musk


Elon is an entrepreneur, rumored to be the modern-day Tony Stark, and inspiration for the Iron Man movies.

Evelynn Hammonds

Evelynn Hammonds

Evelynn holds honorary degrees at Spelman College and Bates College.

Franklin Chang-Diaz


Franklin didn't let international boundaries keep him from dreams of space flight.

Gabriela González


Gabriela shapes minds as a professor and attempts to unlock the mysteries of Gravitational Waves as a researcher.

Ginger Kerrick


Who says only kids dream of space exploration? Ginger chased her dreams in spite of many setbacks.

Haiyan Gao


Great women scientists throughout history inspired Haiyan to follow in their footsteps.

Hakeem Oluseyi


Hakeem turned to physics to escape his rough neighborhood. Now, he's an astrophysicist, professor, and global philanthropist.

Jacqueline Benitez

Jacqueline Benitez thumb

Jacque, an education specialist, teaches students around the world through her virtual classroom.

James Kakalios


James teaches physics with comic books and superheroes and consults for movies such as Watchmen.

Jax Sanders

Jax Sanders thumb image

Jax learns new things everyday as an Assistant Professor of Physics that designs and improves gravitational wave detectors.

Jessica Kirkpatrick

Jessica Kirkpatrick photo thumb

Jessica utilizes her astrophysics background through data science to understand the world around her.

Joe Meyers

Joe Meyer

Innovation and physics run in his blood, so he started his own educational video game company, Lilac.

Julia Scherschligt

Julia Scherschligt thumb

Julia manages a team at NIST responsible for the fundamental measurements of temperature and pressure for the US

Julianne Pollard-Larkin

Julianne Pollard-Larkin

Julie, a clinical medical physicist, researcher, and professor, helps treat cancer patients with thoracic tumors.

Kathy McCormick

Kathy McCormick thumb

Kathy's work in radiation detection at national labs gave her the physics background that assists her every day as a subject matter expert for the U.S. Government.

Keivan Stassun


Keivan says the best thing about being a physicist is there’s no better way to impress the person sitting next to you on an airplane.

Kelle Cruz


Kelle spends much of her time looking at small stars, but when's she not looking at stars, she's blogging and traveling.

Kenny Jensen


Kenny's inventing mind and love for sailing has him tackling renewable energy in innovative ways.

Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall

Lisa may be on her way to discovering the next dimension, and she wants to share it with physicists and non-physicists alike.

Luz Martinez-Miranda


Luz is fascinated by the way optics problems relate to the real world. “There was something about lenses that made me want to study more,” she says.

Lynett Rock


Lynett Rock, a member of the Cherokee Nation, first learned physics via satellite. Now she teaches college physics and math in person.

Maggie Seeds


Maggie's first love may have been astronomy, but her current jet-set lifestyle as a technology consultant keeps her mind limber and her skymiles rolling in.

Marta Dark McNeese


Marta chose physics mostly because she was fascinated with optics, and a little bit because she was afraid of chemicals and disliked knives.

Meghan Anzelc

Megan Anzelc thumb

Searching for non-academic career paths after graduate school led Meghan to a career in data and analytics.

Michio Kaku


In high school, Michio used 400lbs of scrap metal and his entire house's electrical supply to power his homemade atom smasher. His ideas have only gotten bigger since!

Middy Tilghman


Middy Tilghman's love for whitewater kayaking and adventures has taken him around the globe.

Mike Long


Physics and comedy? For Mike Long, that’s no joke.

Nadya Mason


Nadya went from gymnastics Olympic hopeful to research scientist.

Nathan Swift

Nathan Swift

How do hedgehogs, physics, and business mix? Ask Nathan, a startup founder.

Neha Pachauri

Neha Pachauri 2 thumb

Neha has worked with some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology as a Process Technology Development Engineer.

Neil deGrasse Tyson


How did Pluto get the boot from the planets of the solar system? Ask Neil.

Nicolas Hayek

hayek thumb

What do watches and SmartCars have in common? Ask Nicolas Hayek, physics student gone world-famous businessman.

Paul Markoff–Johnson


Paul has spent most of his career working on creating incredibly thin coatings made of materials selected for their special abilities.

Ramón Barthelemy

Ramón Bathelemy

Assistant Professor, PhD: Ramón is fighting for equality in physics. Find out how!

Rhett Creighton


Ever had a brilliant idea? Rhett uses physics to make his reality.

Ronald Mickens


Ron's curious mind and passion for science led him to pursue a career as an educator and a physicist.

Ryan O'Donnell


Ryan is still in his undergraduate years, but he has big plans ahead.

Sam Wurzel


A physicist's problem sparked Sam's innovative business.

Shahida Dar

Shahida Dar

As an Associate Professor at a community college, Shahida focuses on teaching, mentoring, administrative work, and science outreach especially among female students.

Shirley Ann Jackson


Shirley has come a long way from her childhood fascination with the bumblebees in her backyard.

Steven Chu


Steven won the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics and works as the Secretary of Energy under President Barack Obama.

Thomas Hefner


Thomas' interest in physics and his drive to give back to society led him to teaching high school level physics.

Tracee Walker Gilbert

Tracee Walker Gilbert thumb image

The physicist who did it all - and then she started her own business to top it off.

Wendy Laurin

Wendy Laurin small image

After working in photonics publishing for thirty years, Wendy began teaching physics at a community college. Currently, she also consults in photonics.

Yung Tae Kim


Dr. Tae believes skateboarding can save math and science education, and he thinks you'll agree.

Zahra Hussaini

Zahra Hussaini thumb

Zahra, a Site Reliability Engineer, works to fix issues with Google Search to make it more reliable.