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Meenakshi Narain Mentoring Award

The Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) is honored to dedicate the DPF Mentoring Award in memory of Professor Meenakshi Narain. This APS unit award recognizes DPF members who have had an exceptional impact as mentors of particle physics scientists and students. To enhance the award’s impact and to ensure that Professor Narain’s legacy and example will continue to be honored in the years to come, APS and DPF are raising endowment funds to provide a monetary prize of $5,000 and to support the travel of the award winner to the conference where the award will be presented.

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Meenakshi Narain


About the Award

Established in 2015, examples of contributions honored by this award include:

  • Exceptional mentoring of early career particle physicists;
  • Sustained commitment to mentoring early career particle physicists from traditionally under-represented backgrounds;
  • A leadership role in developing early career research and career development activities.

To honor Professor Narain’s commitment and passion to mentoring others, APS and DPF are raising endowment funds to provide a monetary prize of $5,000 and support the travel of the award winner to an APS or DPF conference where the award will be presented.

About Meenakshi Narain

Professor Narain was an experimental particle physicist and an inspirational leader. She served as a dedicated mentor to many young scientists, and developed many new programs that strived to improve diversity and inclusion in physics. Her commitment to science and her care for the high-energy physics community and the people in it has left a lasting impact. APS and DPF are delighted to dedicate this mentoring award in her honor.

In memoriam: Physicist Meenakshi Narain

Thank You to Our Donors

The American Physical Society would like to thank these generous donors for their contributions to the Meenakshi Narain Mentoring Award:

$10,000 - $19,999
R Sekhar Chivukula and Elizabeth H. Simmons

$5,000 - $9,999
Rahul, Gauri, Prasant and Mamta Narain, Anand, Aneesh, and Ulrich Heintz

$1,000 - $2,999
David Saltzberg, Edward Kearns, Janet Blume, Joel Butler, Ken Bloom and Sarah Kelen, Richard Partridge, Robert Cousins, Sarah Eno, Sridhara Dasu, Tulika Bose

$500 - $999
Bo Jayatilaka, Boaz Klima, David Cutts, Elizabeth Sexton, James Miller, Jesse Thaler, Jim Valles, John Kosterlitz, Michael Turner, Oliver Gutsche, Robert Carey

Up to $499
Anonymous(7), Alex Himmel, Anastasia Volovich, Ayres Freitas, Brajesh Choudhary, Cynthia Brossman, David Gerdes, David Lowe, David Yu, Doreen Wackeroth, Eric Flattum, Eva Halkiadakis, Gang Xiao, Greg Landsberg, Harish Potti, Heidi Schellman, Henry Frisch, Indara Suarez, Jennet Dickinson, JiJi Fan, John Marston, Jonathan Pober, Joseph Lykken, Julia Jessie, Julie Hogan, Juliette Alimena, Karri Di Petrillo, Kate Scholberg, Kenneth Cecire, Lindsey Bleem, Martin Schmaltz, Mary Ann Rotondo, Matthew Bellis, Maxwell Chertok, Melvyn Shochet, Michael Peskin, P Grannis, Pavel Nadolsky, Philip Tuts, Pranava Teja Surukuchi Venkata, Reina Maruyama, Robert Pelcovits, Sheryl Grace, Tao Han, Ties Behnke, Toyoko Orimoto, Vaia Papadimitriou

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