Committee on Careers & Professional Development

The membership of the Committee on Careers and Professional Development consists of nine (9) persons selected by the Committee on Committees and appointed by the President-Elect to staggered three-year terms. The President-Elect appoints the Chair from among the members. The Committee is responsible for coordinating affairs within the Society concerned with career and professional development in physics and advising the Society on courses of action.

Chair: Ben Zhu (01/23 - 12/23)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Member: Jie Ren (01/21 - 12/23)
Merck & Co.

Member: Marla Dowell (01/20 - 12/23)
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Member: Buddhapriya Chakrabarti (01/21 - 12/23)
University of Sheffield

Member: John Deisz (01/21 - 12/23)
California Lutheran Univ

Member: Diane Markoff (01/22 - 12/24)
North Carolina Central University

Member: Arlene Maclin (01/23 - 12/25)

Member: Felice Hyppolite (01/23 - 12/25)
Loma Linda University

Advisor: Adam Iaizzi (01/21 - 12/23)
Booz Allen & Hamilton

Advisor: Karla Garcia (01/22 - 12/23)
Univ de Salamanca

Advisor: Kathleen Schwarz (01/22 - 12/23)
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Members of CCPD on Zoom call

On screen (L-R): John Deisz, Marla Dowell, Karla Garcia
Back row (L-R): Daniel Pisano, Jie Ren, Lesley-Ann Rennie, Axel Schmidt, Midhat Farooq, Adam Iaizzi, Ben Zhu
Front row (L-R): Diane Markoff, Crystal Bailey, Kathleen Schwarz, Farah Dawood

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