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Making the Case for Physics

Is your department threatened with closure? Contact APS for help and advice.
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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Take Physics gravitational waves poster

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SPIN-UP: Make Your Undergraduate Program Thrive
The influential Strategic Programs for Innovations in Undergraduate Physics (SPIN-UP) report describes how you can increase recruitment and retention in your program, from a study of some of the nation's most successful physics departments.

Key SPIN-UP Recommendations

  • Create flexible degree tracks for students interested in graduate school, teaching, and other careers
  • Engage all faculty in undergraduate education
  • Improve the climate for women, minorities, and future teachers
  • Ensure you have a well-taught introductory course
  • Establish a thriving learning community, including a strong Society of Physics Students chapter
  • Offer undergraduate research experiences
  • Provide career guidance to your students

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Making the Case for Physics

With threats to low-enrollment physics programs across the country, boosting the number of majors and teachers you educate may be critical to your program’s survival. The time to be proactive is now.
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Gray Arrow The Economics of Education: Closing Undergraduate Physics Programs -- APS News Back Page article, December 2011

Fighting Extinction
Is your department under threat? Email APS for Support.

Physics Marketing Campaigns

Universities and programs around the United States are using marketing principles to recruit physics majors.

University of Texas
The University of Texas Physics Department has developed an innovative campaign to recruit more undergraduates to their program, with the slogan: "Is the 'why' keeping you up at night? Us too." Check it out!
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University of North Carolina
The University of North Carolina developed a campaign focused on physics career possibilities, with the slogan "Do Physics. Be Anything."

Informing Undergraduates

Physics Careers
When undergraduates better understand the diversity of careers open to physicists they are far more likely to continue their physics education.
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Physics InSight
APS Physics InSight slide shows inform and excite students about careers and opportunities in physics. The slide shows are easy to download and install on PC and Mac based viewing systems.
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APS/AAPT Doubling Initiative

APS and AAPT have launched an initiative to double the number of undergraduates receiving physics bachelor's degrees at US universities.
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Gray arrow APS Board Calls for Doubling the Number of Physics Bachelors (APS News, August/September 2007)