InSight: Physics Slideshows

Physics InSight is a series of slideshows designed to inform and excite undergraduates about physics. Slideshow topics include:

  • Physicist profiles with diverse career paths
  • Skills used by physicists in their various professions
  • Statistics on physics careers
  • APS resources for undergraduate physics majors
  • Internship and conference opportunities for undergraduates

APS hopes these slide shows will be shown in venues frequented by potential physics majors, such as university science buildings.

Physics Insight is designed to allow users to add their own content to the slideshows. You can either insert content onto blank slides which look similar to the other Physics InSight slides, or add your own pre-existing Power Point slides. Learn how to customize InSight slides.

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APS Physics InSight Slideshow - January 2020

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January 2020 Slides: Physics InSight Slideshows

While the full slideshows are available for download through the download button above, below you can find more information about each slide. Scroll down and gain deeper InSight by clicking around and learning more about each slide topic!

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 2

Slide 2: Physicist Profile: Zahra Hussaini, Site Reliability Engineer

Zahra works to fix issues with Google Search to make it more reliable.

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 3

Slide 3: Physics at Work: Skills Used in Industry

Want to find a job in industry? Start building these skills now!

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 4

Slide 4: The Power of Physics: Job Satisfaction

Physics Bachelors in private sector STEM indicated high levels of satisfaction with their positions.

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 5

Slide 5: Tune Into Physics: Careers 2020

From professional advice to a list of employers, this is your physics career guide!

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 6

Slide 6: Physicist Profile: Isabel Bishop, Physicist and Artist

Isabel interned at APS last summer and created a virtual gallery exhibition!

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 7

Slide 7: 25 Seconds of Physics: Noise Canceling Headphones

Ever wonder how noise-canceling headphones block out sounds? Click the thumbnail to find out!

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 8

Slide 8: Physicist Profile: Julia Scherschlight, Thermodynamic Metrology Scientist

Julia’s team at NIST is responsible for the fundamental measurements of temperature and pressure for the US.

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 9

Slide 9: Physics at Work: Skills Used at National Labs

What skills does a national lab scientist use? Find out by clicking the thumbnail!

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 10

Slide 10: Tune Into Physics: STEP UP

Volunteer with STEP UP to help increase the number of women pursuing physics degrees!


January 2020 Physics Insight slide 11

Slide 11: 24 Seconds of Physics: Xbox Kinect

How is the Xbox Kinect so good at “seeing” you? Read more by clicking the thumbnail.

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 12

Slide 12: Physicist Profile: Ramón Barthelemy, Assistant Professor

Ramón specializes in physics education research with a focus on equity and inclusion.

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 13

Slide 13: Tune Into Physics: Across the Spectrum Playing Cards

Get your deck of these fun playing cards featuring the physics careers of 26 women and gender minorities!

January 2020 Physics Insight slide 14

Slide 14: Power of Physics: Physics PhDs vs. Academic Jobs

While the number of physics PhDs is increasing steadily, academic faculty demand remains low.