InSight: Physics Slideshows

Physics InSight is a series of slideshows designed to inform and excite undergraduates about physics. Slideshow topics include:

  • Physicist profiles with diverse career paths
  • Skills used by physicists in their various professions
  • Statistics on physics careers
  • APS resources for undergraduate physics majors
  • Internship and conference opportunities for undergraduates

APS hopes these slide shows will be shown in venues frequented by potential physics majors, such as university science buildings.

Physics Insight is designed to allow users to add their own content to the slideshows. You can either insert content onto blank slides which look similar to the other Physics InSight slides, or add your own pre-existing Power Point slides. Learn how to customize InSight slides.

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November 2019 Slides: Physics InSight Slideshows

While the full slideshows are available for download through the download button above, below you can find more information about each slide. Scroll down and gain deeper InSight by clicking around and learning more about each slide topic!

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 2

Slide 2: Physicist Profile: Maggie Seeds (she/her), Business and Technology Consultant 

Maggie’s consultant role ranges from technical to strategic, falling anywhere in the process of raw materials making it all the way to finished, marketable products.

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 3

Slide 3: Physics at Work: Skills Used by a Business and Technology Consultant

Interested in using your physics degree to find a career in consulting? Start building these skills now!

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 4

Slide 4: The Power of Physics: Physics Bachelors Initial Employment

What sectors employ physics bachelors? Click the thumbnail to get all the data!

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 5

Slide 5: Undergraduate Student Events at APS Meetings

Attend an APS March or April meeting and find your community at the undergraduate-only Future of Physics Days events featuring career workshops and panels, grad school fair, and more!

November 2019 slide 6 thumb image Giavanna Jadick

Slide 6: Physicist Profile: Giavanna Jadick (she/her), AIP Mather Policy Intern

Giavanna interned on the Hill this past summer working for the U.S. House Committee on Space and Science!

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 7

Slide 7: Can DNA conduct electricity?

Researchers have seen actual charge transport in single-stranded DNA for the first time ever!

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 8

Slide 8: Physicist Profile: Jessica Kirkpatrick (she/her), Director of Data Science and Digital Exploration

Jessica uses machine learning to predict where there might be new sources of battery minerals.

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 9

Slide 9: Physics at Work: Skills Used by a Data Scientist

Learn what data scientists do by following the link!

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 10

Slide 10: Tune Into Physics: APS Job Board

Explore job postings and start applying to jobs through the APS Job Board.

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 11

Slide 11: 25 Seconds of Physics: What Can Scientists Learn from Eels About Generating Electricity Underwater?

A group of researchers at Georgia Tech are attempting to mimic the phenomenon to make underwater wearable tech.

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 12

Slide 12: Physicist Profile: Nathan Swift (he/him), Startup Co-Founder & COO

Nathan co-founded a startup after getting a masters in physics entrepreneurship.

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 13

Slide 13: Tune Into Physics: APS National Mentoring Community

The NMC supports underrepresented minority students during their undergraduate physics career. Sign up through the link to receive mentorship and be eligible for emergency funding!

November 2019 Physics Insight slide 14

Slide 14: The Power of Physics: What are Physics PhDs Doing Right Out of Grad School?

While many PhD holders initially go into postdoctoral positions, the majority of potentially permanent jobs are in the private sector.