Support for Undergraduate Instruction

SCALE-UP Project

Assoc Dean Robin Wright (U Minn) roaming among student tables

Associate Dean Robin Wright (U Minn) roaming among student tables in SCALE-UP classroom.
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Teaching Through Collaboration

FIU intro physics class

Discussion and investigation in a Florida International University physics class.

Reforming Undergraduate Physics Programs

The Strategic Programs for Innovations in Undergraduate Physics (SPIN-UP) report is the result of an APS-AAPT-AIP task force to document and disseminate the best practices in undergraduate physics programs.

Guidelines for Undergraduate Physics Programs
AAPT prepared this document to guide a physics department in initial or mid-stream evaluation of a program of undergraduate physics education.

Reports on Undergraduate Education
A list of national reports on undergraduate science education.

Programs for Course Transformation

Student-Centered Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP)
SCALE-UP is a highly collaborative, hands-on, computer-rich, interactive learning environment for large-enrollment courses. Developed at North Carolina State University by Bob Beichner and colleagues.

Peer Instruction
Peer Instruction involves small-group discussions of conceptual questions to promote active engagement in lecture courses. Developed by Eric Mazur at Harvard University, and typically used with “clickers.”

Learning Assistants
The University of Colorado's Learning Assistant Program transforms large-enrollment courses by engaging high-achieving undergraduates who mentor their peers while receiving pedagogy training.

Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE)
A comprehensive learning system for introductory physics that engages students in experiences that mirror experiences of practicing scientists; developed at Rutgers University.

University Course Reforms
Programs, resources, and information from individual universities

Guides for Undergraduate Physics Instruction

Research-Based Curricula and Tools
A list of research-based curricula and tools for reforming and transforming undergraduate physics courses, in particular the introductory course.

Physics Education Research studies how students learn physics, and the results of these studies have guided numerous course reform and transformation efforts. PER-Central is a collection of information and resources for physics education research, including a digital library of resources, information about PER conferences, and a listing of PER programs around the country.

Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite
A variety of tools for improving both the teaching and learning of physics, written by Edward (Joe) Redish.

Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching
This book discusses the value of interactive forms of physics education and gives examples of lessons, activities and demonstrations for the physics classroom.