APS News

June 2003 (Volume 12, Number 6)


Nobel Laureates, Industry Leaders Petition President to Boost Science and Technology
Letter urges increased funding for physical sciences, environmental sciences, mathematics, computer science and engineering.
Nuclear Testing Not Necessary, Says New Council Statement
Cites possible negative international consequences is U.S. resumes nuclear testing.
Consortia Provide Alternatives to Standard Journal Subscriptions
New model aids in fair distribution of costs to combat rising journal prices.
Multimedia Plenary Lectures Posted on APS Site
Eight of the nine plenary lectures at the APS April Media are now available online in multimedia format.
Results from LIGO's First Run Reported at APS April Meeting
No wave events observed, but scientists gain new insight into what the sky should look like when viewed in the form of gravity waves.
Blume is Co-Recipient of Compton Award
APS Editor-in-Chief Martin Blume delivered the Compton Lecture on behalf of his co-recipients in April at the Advanced Photon Source.
Council: There is No Free Lunch
Society reaffirms stance on perpetual motion machines
Scientists Observe Charge Symmetry Breaking in Separate Experiments
Measurements provide insight into why protons and neutrons have slightly different masses.
Five Takes on the Future of Particle Physics
Leading high energy physicists offered their views on what lies ahead in their field.
Physicist Disputes Speed of Gravity Claim
Controversial result actually measures speed of light, no gravity, says Clifford Will of Washington University in St. Louis.
Sandia's Z Facility Achieves First Fusion
Breakthrough is an important step towards realizing ignition.
Helen Quinn Elected to Membership in National Academy of Sciences
APS president joins 71 other newly elected members this year.
April Teachers' Day
Seventy-eight teachers attended the APS High School Physics Teachers' Day in Philadelphia.


That Old School of Mine — Traitorous Translations
Lawrence Krauss on why it's the Citizen-Scientists' Obligation to Stand Up for Standards.
The Back Page
The Science of Harry Potter


This Month in Physics History
June 1931: Lawrence and the First Cyclotron
Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
PRL Top Ten: #3
"Ground State of the Electron Gas by a Stochastic Method"
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Didja hear the one about.... celebrating the art of bad physics jokes

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