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Opinion: That’s Not Physics
Where do the boundaries of physics begin and end? The debate has persisted for more than a century.
Opinion: The Steep Price of Free Science Access
Governments and funding agencies have promised the public unfettered open access to research. Scientists could foot the bill.
Opinion: Physics Needs Community Colleges
Two-year colleges help millions and boost the U.S. workforce. We neglect them at our peril.
Opinion: To Do Better Science, Try Dance
How growth in the arts made me a better science communicator and engineer.
Opinion: The Extraordinary Life and Science of Hilde Levi
Levi, a Jewish German-Danish physicist, escaped the Nazis in the 1930s. In the decades after, she built a diverse career that spanned from biophysics to radioactivity safety.
Opinion: The Rise of the Data Physicist
In the search for new physics, a new kind of scientist is bridging the gap between theory and experiment.
Opinion: Climate Doomism Disregards the Science
Climate change is a highway, not a cliff, and we can still take the exit ramp.
Opinion: Is Climate Science Physics?
How we answer this question can help determine who understands, and who enters, the field.
Opinion: The World is Coming for US Science Talent
Science’s best and brightest must jump through hoops to study and work in the United States. Without common-sense immigration reform, they will look elsewhere — and the US will lose out.
Letter to the Editor: 2022 Nobel Laureates
The 2022 Nobel Laureates in physics.
Letter to the Editor: The Uses of Superconductors Today
The uses of superconductors today.
Opinion: It’s Time to Rethink Alcohol at Work Events
Drinking in professional settings comes with risks and can alienate colleagues. There are better ways for physicists to socialize.
Opinion: Canary in the Coal Mine: The 1997 Leak at Brookhaven National Laboratory
A harmless leak at a national lab 26 years ago — and the resulting public backlash — holds important lessons for combating misinformation today.
Letter to the Editor
Acknowledging the limits and achievements of science.
Opinion: Biological Physics Comes of Age
Once an awkward confrontation between disciplines, biological physics is having its moment — and showing that life is not just a mess.
Opinion: What Can U.S. Scientists Do to Help Their Ukrainian Peers?
Raymond Orbach shares his experience getting funding to physicists in Ukraine.
Opinion: Taking the “Childlike” Out of Childlike Wonder
Kids are natural scientists. Why aren’t more adults?
The Back Page: To Save Science, Talk With the Public
Public engagement — in schools, with journalists, and beyond — can safeguard science. But academia’s indifference is standing in the way.
Letter to the Editor
A reader recounts his battle with freshman physics at Caltech.
The Back Page: Graduate Students Should Be Paid Living Wages
To invest in science, we need to invest in tomorrow’s scientists. Let’s start by paying them wages that meet the cost of living.
The Back Page: How Newton Derived the Shape of Earth
To argue for universal gravitation, Newton had to become a “geodesist.”
The Back Page
Scientists Don’t Succeed in a Vacuum. Why Expect This of Graduate Students?
The Back Page
Teachers Have Great Careers. People Think Otherwise Because of Bad Data.
Letter to the Editor: First Woman to Race in the Indy 500
First Woman to Race in the Indy 500
The Back Page
What We Miss When We Focus on Physics "Talent"
The Back Page
Physics in a Diverse World—or, a Spherical Cow Model of Physics Talent
The APS Ethics Committee’s Work in 2021
What the committee has accomplished, and what remains.
International Teaching Can Transform Physics
Dr. Nahar planned what she thought would be a small online class. Students from four continents logged on.
The Back Page
Productive Scientific Discourse Demands Respect

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