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Opinion: Taking the “Childlike” Out of Childlike Wonder
Kids are natural scientists. Why aren’t more adults?
The Back Page: To Save Science, Talk With the Public
Public engagement — in schools, with journalists, and beyond — can safeguard science. But academia’s indifference is standing in the way.
Letter to the Editor
A reader recounts his battle with freshman physics at Caltech.
The Back Page: Graduate Students Should Be Paid Living Wages
To invest in science, we need to invest in tomorrow’s scientists. Let’s start by paying them wages that meet the cost of living.
The Back Page
Scientists Don’t Succeed in a Vacuum. Why Expect This of Graduate Students?
The Back Page
Teachers Have Great Careers. People Think Otherwise Because of Bad Data.
Letter to the Editor: First Woman to Race in the Indy 500
First Woman to Race in the Indy 500
The Back Page
What We Miss When We Focus on Physics "Talent"
The Back Page
Physics in a Diverse World—or, a Spherical Cow Model of Physics Talent
The APS Ethics Committee’s Work in 2021
What the committee has accomplished, and what remains.
International Teaching Can Transform Physics
Dr. Nahar planned what she thought would be a small online class. Students from four continents logged on.
The Back Page
Productive Scientific Discourse Demands Respect

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