APS News

February 2012 (Volume 21, Number 2)


APS Membership Soars Above 50,000 Benchmark
The ranks of APS’s membership have continued to grow, hitting a new record of more than 50,000 members
Four Distinguished Scientists to Give Beller, Marshak Lectures
Four renowned physicists will deliver the Beller and Marshak lectures at this year’s April and March Meetings
Community Weighs Pros and Cons of Physics by Press Conference
In the wake of the faster superluminal neutrino announcement, the physics community is divided over the utility of releasing preliminary results publically
Companies Pioneer New Nuclear Designs
Newcomers to the nuclear reactor industry might just change the way the world gets its electricity with their new reactor designs
APS Honoree Brandon Turner Named Rhodes Scholar
Brandon Turner, a recipient of an APS minority scholarship, was recently named one of the nation’s newest Rhodes scholars
APS News Picks 2011’s Top 11 Physics Headlines
The writers at APS News highlight the 11 physics stories that made the biggest headlines around the world in 2011
2011 in Review: Policy and Budget Highlights from FYI
AIP’s writers of FYI highlight the most important science and policy stories from 2011
Foundation Marks Its Centennial at APS March Meeting
Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement will host an event at the March Meeting celebrating a century of supporting scientific research


The Back Page
To POPA: A Former Chair’s Farewell
Inside the Beltway
The Circus Is Coming


Members in the Media
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This Month in Physics History
February 6, 1957: MIT introduces the first cryotron
Focus on APS Sections
Four Corners Section
The Educational Corner
A column on educational programs and publications
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science

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