APS News

June 2011 (Volume 20, Number 6)


New Topical Group on Climate Actively Seeks Members
APS's newest topical group focuses on the physics of climate and is looking for new members
New APS Online Journal Issues Call for Papers
Physical Review X, the newest journal by APS, has started up and is now accepting papers for its inaugural edition
Assessment Casts Doubt on Utility of Direct Air Capture of CO2
Extracting carbon dioxide directly out of the air to combat climate change seems unfeasible according to a new assessment assembled by POPA
Physics Contributes to New Medical Imaging Technique
At this year's April Meeting, physics graduate student Nicole Ackerman gave a talk about the use of Cherenkov radiation in medical imaging
Four Funded Sites Join APS Teacher Education Project
Four more universities have joined the PhysTEC program to train the next generation of physics teachers
Quasars Help Researchers See in 3-D
The biggest, most complete map of the distant cosmos has been assembled using the spectral trails of quasars
Neutrinos Can Monitor Changes in Reactor Fuel
A new system for monitoring nuclear reactors using neutrinos is close to being ready for prime time
Japanese Physics Undergoes a Slow Recovery
Japan will likely be feeling the devastating effects of March's earthquake on its science infrastructure for many months


Letters to the Editors
Peer Review Weeds Out Good Ideas • Clinton Administration Also Responsible for SSC Termination • Old Bulls Don’t Deserve Respect • Don’t Show Physics in a Negative Light • Another Way to Produce Helium? • Eakins Paints Rowland. Questions Abound. • Willa Cather Mentions Rowland • Rowland Grating Played Key Role in Quantum History
The Back Page
Can we declare victory in the participation of women in science? Not yet.


Members in the Media
As quoted on other publications...
This Month in Physics History
June 1941: Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil submit patent for radio frequency hopping
Washington Dispatch
A bimonthly update from the APS Office of Public Affairs
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Caveman National Laboratories
International News
Committee on International Freedom of Scientists Combats Rights Violations Worldwide

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