94.3 Policy on Equal Professional Opportunity

Archived Statement


The APS, to achieve its goal of advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics, affirms a policy of equal opportunity for all Society members. This policy requires that the Society and its members conduct their professional activities without discrimination or harassment in regard to personal factors irrelevant to the purposes of the Society including (but not limited to) gender, race, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political views, sexual orientation, or disability. Because respect for individuals is integral to achieving this goal, it is the policy of the APS that harassment of colleagues and co-workers in the professional environment, including sexual or racial harassment, is unacceptable behavior.

The American Physical Society is dedicated to the broadest possible participation of its members in activities of the Society. We therefore reaffirm the Society's long-standing commitment to removing barriers impeding the entry of women and minorities to the career of physics, and to fostering their full-fledged participation in our profession.

Guidelines for Implementation

The major functions of the APS are in the areas of publications; professional meetings; nominations; elected governance and associated committees; awards and honors; and outreach programs. In carrying out these functions, members should adhere to the objectives of enhancing equal opportunity and encouraging broad participation in our profession and in the activities of the APS.

The APS expects all members, both in their participation in activities of the Society and within their professional workplace, to act in accordance with these principles. Society members are also encouraged to foster the enactment at their workplaces of comparable policies.

The elected officers of the Society, in consultation with the governance committees, are responsible for dealing with issues arising from this policy statement. Any person who becomes aware of inappropriate conduct should contact the Executive Officer of the Society.

Archived on November 8, 2019 
Adopted by the Council on April 23, 1994
Category: Ethics and Values

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