APS News

January 2009 (Volume 18, Number 1)


April Meeting Heads for Denver in May
Meeting features particle, nuclear and astrophysics, with the theme "New Eyes on the Universe: 400 years of telescopes"
Physicist Chosen to be Secretary of Energy
President-elect Obama appoints Nobel Laureate Steve Chu, Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Physics Degrees Retain Value in Weak Economy
As the economy struggles, new physics graduates face tough times; APS has ways to help
Nominations are Key to Increasing Number of APS Women Fellows
Women are under-represented as APS Fellows; more nominations can improve the percentage
Murray Stresses Long-Range Planning To Address Key Issues
New APS President advocates strong science and engineering enterprise to deal with global challenges
Civic Engagement Benefits Both Science and Society
Council passes statement on the value of scientists participating in elective and administrative positions
LHC is an Avatar of International Science Collaboration
LHC project director speaks on Capitol Hill about the role of the LHC in science and in international affairs


Goal Must Be Nuclear-Free World • Fusion Power Plant Dubbed Ridiculous • Imagining the Future of Scientific Software • APS Report Short-changes Plug-in Hybrid Technology • Burton Richter Responds
We Are Science
Inside the Beltway
Change is Coming in More Ways than One
The Back Page
The Nuclear and Science Paradigm of Pakistan, and Regional Stability


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Principle of equivalence disproved
Focus on APS Topical Groups
Quantum Information
This Month in Physics History
January 1998: The accelerating expansion of the universe

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