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June 2007 (Volume 16, Number 6)


Gender Equity: No Silver Bullet but Lots of Ways to Help
Chairs of 50 physics departments in the US and leaders from national laboratories gathered at ACP headquarters in May to discuss how to double the number of women in physics over the next 15 years
New Data Produce Radio Map of North Galactic Pole
Scientists say the new map provides the first detailed view of the foreground galactic and extragalactic features of the universe.
NSF's "Broader Impacts" Criterion Gets Mixed Reviews
While recognizing the importance of promoting education, outreach and social benefits of their research, many scientists find the NSF criterion confusing, burdensome, or even counter-productive.
Preliminary Results from Gravity Probe B Announced at April Meeting
New measurements verify general relativity's prediction of geodetic effect; further analysis is needed to confirm frame-dragging effect.
APS and Yale Honor J. Willard Gibbs
Yale Physics Chair R. Shankar, APS Editor-in-Chief Gene Sprouse, and Yale Provost Andrew D. Hamilton explain the impact that J. Willard Gibbs had on Yale and on science.
April Meeting Prize and Award Recipients
APS handed out prizes and awards sponsored by various units participating in the April meeting.
Efficiency is Key to Resolution of Energy Crisis
April meeting speakers identify ways to use the energy we have more efficiently employing existing technology.
JLab Experiment Pins Down Neutral Pion Lifetime
A new measurement of the lifetime of the neutral pion is twice as precise as previous measurements, and further confirms our understanding of fundamental symmetry breaking.
First Morehouse Physics Prize Goes to Byron Freelon
Honor recognizes graduates of historically black colleges and universities who have shown considerable promise as physics researchers or teachers.
MiniBooNE Results Inconsistent with Existence of "Sterile" Neutrinos
Experiment finds no telltale oscillation signature, contradicting the 1997 results from the LSND experiment at Los Alamos.
New Fermilab Data Favor Light Higgs
Experiments place new constraints on the mass of the Higgs particle, suggesting it might be within reach of the Tevatron.


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June 1876: Edward Bouchet becomes the first African American PhD in physics
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