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The archive is a historical record and is not updated to reflect current information. All institutional affiliations reflect the Fellows’ affiliations at the time of election to APS Fellowship.

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Dana Zachery Anderson [2000]
University of Colorado
Citation: For his theoretical and experimental contributions to nonlinear optics and atom optics and for creating a number of remarkable optical devices for information processing and pattern recognition.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Rainer Blatt [2000]
University of Innsbruck
Citation: For outstanding work in quantum optics and precision spectroscopy with laser cooled trapped ions.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Michael John Cavagnero [2000]
University of Kentucky
Citation: For creative analyses of atomic collisions, fragmentation and electron correlation, which incorporate keen insight into innovative mathematical formulations; and for energizing many successful collaborations with experimental and theoretical colleagues.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Mark Andrew Edwards [2000]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For application of first-principles theory to the understanding of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute atomic gases.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Robert Rivers Jones [2000]
University of Virginia
Citation: For the development of experimental probes of Rydberg atoms and for providing new insighes about their behavior.
Nominated by: DAMOP

John W. Keto [2000]
University of Texas, Austin
Citation: For studies of the energy transport phenomena in dense gases and clusters excited by resonant photon pulses.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Murtadha A. Khakoo [2000]
California State University, Fullerton
Citation: For contributions to experimental electron scattering from fundamental targets and for involvement of undergraduate and high school students in front-line research.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Prem Kumar [2000]
Northwestern University
Citation: For pioneering experimental contributions to the generation, detection, and application of the twin-beam quantum state produced by means of pulsed parametric amplification.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Ann E. Orel [2000]
University of California, Davis
Citation: For pioneering the understanding and development of theoretical methods for studying excitation, ionization and dissociation of polyatomic molecules.
Nominated by: DAMOP

David R. Schultz [2000]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For development of novel lattice methods for solving the time-dependent Schr"dinger equation, providing fundamental new insights in atomic collisions, and disseminating AMO data to other research communities.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Krzysztof Szalewicz [2000]
University of Delaware
Citation: For definitive contributions to the theory and calculation of intermolecular forces, electron correlation, exotic molecular phenomena, and neutrino mass experiments, using explicitly correlated basis functions.
Nominated by: DAMOP

Albert Anthony Viggiano [2000]
Air Force Research Laboratory
Citation: For studies of the kinetics of ion interactions with neutral molecules, especially for the elucidation of internal energy effects and the influence of high temperatures and pressures, and atmospheric implications.
Nominated by: DAMOP