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Mary Alberg [2014]
Seattle University
Citation: For seminal contributions to understanding the sea of the nucleon and other baryons and her extraordinary service to the physics community.
Nominated by: DNP

Steffen A. Bass [2014]
Duke University
Citation: For his pioneering work on the development of transport models for the description of relativistic heavy-ion collisions and their application to the extraction of the properties of the quark gluon plasma.
Nominated by: DNP

Abhay L. Deshpande [2014]
State University of New York, Stony Brook
Citation: For his sustained effort and leadership in experimental programs to understand the nucleons' spin, employing polarized DIS experiments at CERN to high-energy polarized proton collisions at RHIC (with PHENIX detector), including early development of beam polarimetry and other essential tools; and for his leadership in the efforts toward realizing the future US electron ion collider.
Nominated by: DNP

Michelle A. Espy [2014]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For the application of nuclear physics techniques to biomedical research and national security challenges. Including pioneering work in the application of ultra-low field nuclear magnetic resonance to functional brain imaging and non-invasive identification of materials for national security.
Nominated by: DNP

Mahir S. Hussein [2014]
University of Sao Paulo
Citation: For his seminal contributions to the nuclear reaction theory that span four decades, for his leadership roles in building up the theory group as well as establishing experimental radioactive beam facilities in Sao Paulo, and for his continued efforts to form and sustain scientific collaborations in nuclear physics between Brazil and United States.
Nominated by: DNP

Declan F. Keane [2014]
Kent State University
Citation: For his leadership in the study of collective phenomena using directed flow and the discovery of antimatter hypertriton and Helium-4 in high-energy nuclear collisions at RHIC.
Nominated by: DNP

Thomas F. Papenbrock [2014]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For innovative theoretical approaches to the nuclear many-body problem and other finite quantum systems.
Nominated by: DNP

Michael R. Pennington [2014]
Jefferson Laboratory
Citation: For accomplishments in theoretical physics including describing the spectrum of mesons of QCD, in particular elucidating the role and nature of scalar mesons and for advancing our understanding of the strong-coupling regime of QCD through study of the Schwinger-Dyson and Bethe-Salpeter Equations.
Nominated by: DNP

Alan W.P. Poon [2014]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For significant contributions to understanding fundamental neutrino properties through solar neutrinos, reactor neutrinos, beta decay, and neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments and for the resulting discoveries of physics requiring significant modification of the standard model.
Nominated by: DNP

Ralf F. Rapp [2014]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For seminal contributions to the study of in-medium properties of strongly interacting particles and their roles in relativistic heavy ion collisions.
Nominated by: DNP

Reinhard A. Schumacher [2014]
Carnegie Mellon University
Citation: For extensive studies of the photo- and electro-production of hyperons and the impact of these studies on our understanding of the spectrum of baryons.
Nominated by: DNP

Jeffrey A. Tostevin [2014]
University of Surrey
Citation: For his many contributions to nuclear reaction theory, in particular for the application of semi-classical methods to the interpretation of fast knock-out reactions in terms of nuclear correlations.
Nominated by: DNP

Julia A. Velkovska [2014]
Vanderbilt University
Citation: For her leading role in the understanding of hadron production and collective phenomena measured in relativistic heavy ion reactions at the RHIC and LHC laboratories.
Nominated by: DNP

Feng Yuan [2014]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For his seminal contributions to the understanding of the quark and gluon structure of the nucleon and nucleus, especially, in the areas of the transverse-momentum dependent parton distributions and their factorization, nucleon spin structure, and gluon saturation in QCD.
Nominated by: DNP