Bulletin of American Physical Society (BAPS) Pricing Guidelines

The major expenses for producing BAPS are the staff time and electronic systems that it takes to accept abstracts and place them on the web. Then there are additional expenses for "composing" the material so that it has the nice look and two-column format that we are used to. Finally there is the expense for printing the paper copies of BAPS. The last two items have come down in cost in the last few years.

Here are the approximate costs for each of these:
  • Accepting abstracts, assisting with sorting, posting abstracts on the web: $25/abstract 
  • Composing the material (done by AIP): $20/page
  • Printing BAPS: $20/page

Format Pricing

Paper Format
We estimate that there are approximately 5-5.4 abstracts/page, so that the new full cost of a paper BAPS will be $165-175/page for the pages with abstracts and only $40/page for the front and back pages.

If the Unit doesn't wish to have paper copies of BAPS, APS offers lower prices with three options:

Composed Format
If the Unit wishes to have a "composed" format available for downloading and printing and for a CD, we can produce this for you this $145-$155/page for the pages with abstracts and $20/page for the front and back pages.

Download Format
If the Unit doesn't require a "composed" format and is willing to have the attendees download and print directly from the web version of the program or a CD of this, we can produce this for you for $125-$135/page for the pages with abstracts and will not charge the Unit for posting the front and back pages. Sections will not be charged for the first 100 abstracts.

Synopsis Format
A third option is to follow what the March Meeting has done and to produce the full electronic BAPS, but print only the titles, authors and acknowledgment of support (if needed). This dramatically reduced the number of pages printed.

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