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Unit Meetings

Hotel Contract Negotiations for Unit Meetings
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Help with Contracts for Unit Meetings
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Unit Meeting Space at APS General Meetings
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Meetings Department Staff

Ebony Adams
APS Meetings Planner
(301) 209-3226

Eric Barth
Scientific Programs Coordinator
(301) 209-3285

Donna Greene
Scientific Programs Manager
(301) 209-3292

Terri Olsen
Director of Meetings
(301) 209-3287

Vinaya Sathyasheelappa
Meetings Manager
(301) 209-3266

Kara Shumaker
Sr. Scientific Programs Coordinator
(301) 209-3617

Ruth Teferi
Scientific Programs Coordinator
(301) 209-3645

Don Wise
Senior Meetings Registrar
(301) 209-3289