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T04.00003: Ultrafast dynamics in the vicinity of quantum light-induced conical intersections
Ágnes Vibók, András Csehi, Markus Kowalewski, Gábor J. Halász

T04.00004: Sub-Two Cycle Compression of Yb Laser Pulses using Rotational Nonlinearity Enhancement in Molecular Gases
Nrisimha Murty Madugula, John Beetar, Tran-Chau Truong, Garima C. Nagar, Yi Wu, Bonggu Shim, Michael Chini

T04.00006: Numerical studies of cross correlation analysis of excited states.
Spencer Walker, Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, Andreas Becker

T04.00007: Observation of dynamic Stark resonances in strong-field excitation
R.T. Sang, D Chetty, R.G. Glover, B.A. deHarak, X.M. Tong, H. Xu, K. Bartschat, N. Douguet, A.N. Luiten, P.S. Light, I.V. Litvinyuk