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E01.00001: Search Efforts for the Thorium-229 Nuclear Isomeric Transition
Ricky Elwell, Christian Schneider, Justin Jeet, Galen O'Neil, Varun Verma, Dileep Reddy, Sae Woo Nam, Alina Heihoff, Raphael Haas, Dennis Renisch, Christoph Dullman, Lars von der Wense, Benedict Seiferle, Florian Zacherl, Peter Thirolf, Eugene Tkalya, Eric Hudson

E01.00002: GSNP Student Poster Competition Winner: The HUNTER Sterile Neutrino Search Experiment: 131-Cs Magneto-Optical Trap Development
Eddie Chang, Francesco Granato, Paul Hamilton, Eric Hudson, Basu Lamichhane, Frank Malatino, Charles Martoff, Peter Meyers, Andrew Renshaw, Christian Schneider, Peter Smith, Xunzhen Yu

E01.00003: New apparatus for the measurement of the electron and positron $g$-factors to test the Standard Model
Benedict Sukra, Xing Fan, Samuel Fayer, Thomas Myers, Gerald Gabrielse

E01.00005: Probing gravity by holding atoms for 20 seconds
Victoria Xu, Matt Jaffe, Cristian Panda, Sofus Kristensen, Logan Clark, James Egelhoff, Holger Mueller

E01.00006: GSNP Student Poster Competition Winner: Beyond the Laser Coherence Limit: Improving Frequency Ratio Measurements in Search of New Physics
Ethan Clements, May Kim, Kaifeng Cui, Aaron Hankin, Samuel Brewer, David Leibrandt, David Hume

E01.00007: A Science Gateway for Atomic and Molecular Physics
B. I. Schneider, K. Bartschat, K. R. Hamilton, O. Zatsarinny, I. Bray, A. Scrinzi, F. Martin, J. Gonzalez-Vazquez, J. Tennyson, J. D. Gorfinkiel, S. Pamidighantam

E01.00011: Laser ablation loading of Ba ions in a blade trap
Chunyang Luan, Pengfei Wang, Zhengyang Cai, Mu Qiao, Kihwan Kim

E01.00013: Precise Measurement of the Electron Affinity of Thallium using Laser Photodetachment Threshold Spectroscopy
C. W. Walter, N. D. Gibson, S. E. Spielman

E01.00015: Detection of NaRb Feshbach Molecule By Photodissociation
Fan Jia, Zhichao Guo, Lintao Li, Dajun Wang

E01.00016: DFT Calculation of the Renner Coefficient for the Renner-Teller Splitting in the NCO Radical: Assessing and Characterizing the accuracy of several common functional families and basis sets.
D.~O. Kashinski, T.~J. Radziewicz, E.~F.~C. Byrd

E01.00017: Configuration-interaction many-body perturbation theory transition probabilities of La I and U II
Dmytro Filin, Igor Savukov, James Colgan

E01.00018: Hyperfine structure of $^{173}\mathrm{Yb}^+$: towards resolving the $^{173}\mathrm{Yb}$ nuclear octupole moment puzzle
Di Xiao, Jiguang Li, Andrei Derevianko

E01.00019: Analytic Dirac Large and Small Component expressions for Compton Profiles
Larry LaJohn

E01.00020: Measurement of the ratio of scalar to vector transition polarizabilities for the $6s \rightarrow 7s$ transition in atomic cesium
Jonah Quirk, Amy Damitz, Carol E. Tanner, D.S. Elliott

E01.00021: Shapes of optical molecular resonances from first principles: calculations for atmosphere-relevant molecular systems
Hubert Jozwiak, Franck Thibault, Hubert Cybulski, Maciej Gancewski, Piotr Wcislo

E01.00022: Evaluation of different parameterizations of temperature dependences of the line-shape parameters based on ab initio calculations: Case study for the HITRAN database
Hubert Jozwiak, Nikodem Stolarczyk, Franck Thibault, Hubert Cybulski, Grzegorz Kowzan, Bastien Vispoel, Iouli E. Gordon, Laurence Rothman, Robert Gamache, Piotr Wcislo

E01.00023: Nonadiabatic dynamics in dissociative electron attachment to formic acid
Daniel Slaughter, Thorsten Weber, Ali Belkacem, Robert Lucchese, Cynthia Trevisan, C. William McCurdy, Thomas Rescigno

E01.00024: Dissociative electron attachment of NO$_2$ molecule at low collision energies
Emily Hendrix, Samantha Fonseca dos Santos, Nicolas Douguet, Chi Hong Yuen, Viatcheslav Kokoouline, Asa Larson, Ann Orel

E01.00025: Theoretical study of vibrational (de-)excitation of NO$_2$ and N$_2$O by low-energy electron impact
Hainan Liu, Mehdi Ayouz, Pietro Cortona, Samantha Fonseca dos Santos, Chi Hong Yuen, Viatcheslav Kokoouline

E01.00026: Dissociative Recombination in H$_3^+$: a Scattering Matrix Approach
Viatcheslav Kokoouline, Chi Hong Yuen, Joshua Forer

E01.00028: Deep minimum in the Ps-formation differential cross section for positron-helium collisions in the Ore gap
S, J. Ward, Albandari W. Alrowaily, P. Van Reeth

E01.00029: Charge transfer in positronium-proton collisions: Comparison of classical and quantum-mechanical theories
Harindranath Ambalampitiya, Dmitry Fursa, Alisher Kadyrov, Igor Bray, Ilya Fabrikant

E01.00031: Positronium scattering by molecules: free electron gas plus orthogonalizing pseudopotential model
R. S. Wilde, I. I. Fabrikant

E01.00032: Coloring of metals and metal alloys surfaces by using 150 KHz fiber femtosecond laser
Mazhar Iqbal, Rashid Ganeev, Ganjaboy Boltaev, Ali Alnaser

E01.00034: New structures observed in the positron annihilation spectra of ring-alkane molecules.
S. Ghosh, J. R. Danielson, C. M. Surko

E01.00036: Photoemission studies of Spin Polarized Electrons from Chiral Tungsten
N. K. Lewis, K. J. Ahrendsen, Y. Lassailly, I. Vobornik, J. Fujii, T. J. Gay, W. R. Flavell, E. A. Seddon

E01.00039: Disentangling Rescattering Interference Structures in High Fidelity Laser-Induced Photoelectron Imaging
Nicholas Werby, Adi Natan, Ruaridh Forbes, Robert Lucchese, Philip Bucksbaum

E01.00041: Photo-ion photo-electron coincidence study of methanol fragmentation by XUV pump and NIR probe pulses
Seyyed Javad Robatjazi, Shashank Pathak, Anbu Venkatachalam, Kanaka Raju P, Jeffery Powell, Surjendu Bhattacharyya, Daniel Rolles, Artem Rudenko

E01.00042: Semi-classical approach for solving the time-dependent Schr\"{o}dinger equation in inhomogeneous electromagnetic pulses
Jianxiong Li, Uwe Thumm

E01.00043: Control of the population and phase dynamics of two-level systems by a single frequency-chirped laser pulse
Andras Csehi

E01.00044: Echo in a single vibrationally excited molecule
Ilia Tutunnikov, Junjie Qiang, Peifen Lu, Kang Lin, Wenbin Zhang, Fenghao Sun, Yaron Silberberg, Yehiam Prior, Ilya Averbukh, Jian Wu

E01.00045: Enabling momentum-imaging studies of competing proton and hydrogen elimination channels initiated by a strong laser field
T. Severt, Bethany Jochim, K. D. Carnes, I. Ben-Itzhak

E01.00048: Nonlinear Compton scattering from bound electrons
Akilesh Venkatesh, Francis Robicheaux

E01.00049: Double photoionization of the Be isoelectronic sequence
Stephane Laulan, Marc-Andre Albert, Samira Barmaki

E01.00050: Kinematically-complete measurements of laser-induced dissociation of C$_2$H$_2^q$
Bethany Jochim, T. Severt, K. D. Carnes, I. Ben-Itzhak, E. Wells

E01.00053: Tracking the non-linear optical response in plasmonic nanoparticles with strong-field photoemission spectroscopy
Jianxiong Li, J. Powell, A. Summers, S.J. Robatjazi, M. Davino, P. Rupp, C.M. Sorensen, D. Rolles, M.F. Kling, C. Trallero-Herrero, A. Rudenko, Uwe Thumm

E01.00054: The imaginary part of the high-order harmonic cutoff
Emilio Pisanty, Marcelo F. Ciappina, Maciej Lewenstein

E01.00055: Many-body quench dynamics in trapped-ion quantum simulators
Lei Feng, Wen Lin Tan, Arinjoy De, Harvey B. Kaplan, Kate Collins, Patrick Becker, Antonis Kyprianidis, William Morong, Guido Pagano, Christopher Monroe

E01.00057: quantum dynamics in the kicked top model and its generalizations
Chenwei Lv, Changyuan Lyu, Yangqian Yan, Qi Zhou

E01.00059: Experiments on Quantum Matter Synthesizer
Mingjiamei Zhang, Jonathan Trisnadi, Cheng Chin

E01.00060: Towards Quantum Simulation of Light-Matter Interfaces with Strontium Atoms in Optical Lattices
Neven Santic, Andre Heinz, Annie Jihyun Park, Jan Trautmann, Eva Casotti, Florian Wallner, Immanuel Bloch, Sebastian Blatt

E01.00061: Probing and controlling dimensionality of strongly interacting spin ensembles
Thomas Mittiga, Chong Zu, Simon Meynell, Bingtian Ye, Francisco Machado, Satcher Hsieh, Prabudhya Bhattacharyya, Soonwon Choi, Ania Jayich, Norman Yao

E01.00062: Towards a synthetic lattice of Rydberg levels for quantum simulation
Jackson Angonga, Bryce Gadway

E01.00063: Bringing Rydberg Atom Array Quantum Simulators Online
Kent Ueno, Caroline Laure Tchouawou Mbakob, Ho June Kim, Jeremy Flannery, Alexandre Cooper

E01.00065: Spin transport in a tunable Heisenberg model
Niklas Jepsen, Jesse Amato-Grill, Ivana Dimitrova, Wen Wei Ho, Mikhail Lukin, Eugene Demler, Wolfgang Ketterle

E01.00066: Laser-free trapped-ion entangling gates with simultaneous insensitivity to qubit and motional decoherence
R. T. Sutherland, R. Srinivas, S. C. Burd, H. M. Knaack, A. C. Wilson, D. J. Wineland, D. Leibfried, D. T. C. Allcock, D. H. Slichter, S. B. Libby

E01.00068: Quantum gates and algorithms in a 2D neutral atom array
Trent Graham, Minho Kwon, Cody Poole, Xiaoyu Jiang, Alphonse Marra, Brandon Grinkemeyer, Josh Cherek, Matthew Ebert, Mark Saffman

E01.00070: System Stability Optimization and Gate Operations in a Compact Cryogenic Ion Trap Setup
Zhubing Jia, Robert Spivey, Ismail Inlek, Ke Sun, Stephen Crain, Mark Kuzyk, Rachel Noek, Kenneth Brown, Jungsang Kim

E01.00074: Realizing Quantum Computation Using Continuous Variables in Trapped Ions
Jeremy Metzner, Alex Quinn, Daniel Moore, Dave Wineland, David Allcock

E01.00075: Implementation of the Variational Quantum Eigensolver algorithm to estimate the ground state energy of the Lipkin model using atomic qubits.
Cody Poole, Trent Graham, Minho Kwon, Michael Cervia, Peter Love, Susan Coppersmith, Baha Balantekin, Mark Saffman

E01.00077: Microwave-to-optical transduction and microwave-controlled optical switch in a vapor cell inside a room-temperature high-Q microwave cavity
Andrei Tretiakov, Clinton Potts, Timothy Lee, Matthew Thiessen, John Davis, Lindsay LeBlanc

E01.00078: Towards quantum sensing at megabar pressures using nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond
Prabudhya Bhattacharyya, Satcher Hsieh, Thomas Mittiga, Chong Zu, Thomas Smart, Zachary Geballe, Nicholas Rui, Tim Hoehn, Bryce Korbin, Francisco Machado, Brian Chase Chandler, Viktor Struzhkin, Raymond Jeanloz, Norman Yao

E01.00079: Realization of a universal quantum pressure standard
Pinrui Shen, Kirk Madison, James Booth

E01.00080: Spin State-Dependent Relaxation Rates in Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond
Aedan Gardill, Matthew C. Cambria, Yanfei Li, Shimon Kolkowitz

E01.00081: Building a Portable, Cold-Atom Pressure Standard
Perrin Waldock, Pinrui Shen, James Booth, Kirk MAdison

E01.00082: Metrology and many-body physics with strontium in a 2D tweezer array
Nathan Schine, William Eckner, Aaron Young, William Millner, Dhruv Kedar, Matthew Norcia, Jun Ye, Adam Kaufman

E01.00083: Enhanced Electric Field Sensing with Nitrogen-Vacancy Ensembles
Bryce Kobrin, Maxwell Block, Andrey Jarmola, Nataniel Figueroa, Victor Acosta, Satcher Hsieh, Chong Zu, Joaquin Minguzzi, Jeronimo Maze, Dmitry Budker, Norman Yao

E01.00084: Compact devices for atomic spectroscopy and quantum technologies: applications in electromagnetic field sensing, measurement, and imaging.
Luis Felipe Goncalves, Georg Raithel, David Anderson

E01.00085: A portable Rydberg RF field probe and measurement instrument for SI-traceable, self-calibrated, broadband RF field sensing, measurement, and imaging.
David Anderson, Rachel Sapiro, Georg Raithel

E01.00088: Engineering Strong Interactions between mm-wave and Optical Photons using Rydberg Atoms
Aishwarya Kumar, Aziza Suleymanzade, Mark Stone, Lavanya Taneja, Jasmine Kalia, David Schuster, Jonathan Simon

E01.00089: Sympathetic Cooling of Levitated Nanospheres using Cold Atoms
William Eom, Eduardo Alejandro, Daniel Grass, Apryl Witherspoon, Cris Montoya, Gambhir Ranjit, Andrew Geraci

E01.00090: Toward Room-Temperature Mechanical Motion Driven by Quantum Radiation Pressure Noise.
Jiaxing Ma, Vincent Dumont, Simon Bernard, Thomas Clark, Jack Sankey

E01.00091: A new Na-K apparatus for simulating quantum many-body phenomena
Jan Kilinc, Lilo Hoecker, Rohit Prasad Bhatt, Fred Jendrzejewski

E01.00094: Spin- and atom-interactions in multimode cavity QED
Ronen Kroeze, Yudan Guo, Brendan Marsh, Jonathan Keeling, Benjamin Lev

E01.00095: Spin-Resolved Quantum Gas Microscopy with Bilayer Readout
Pimonpan Sompet, Joannis Koepsell, Sarah Hirthe, Dominik Bourgund, Guillaume Salomon, Jayadev Vijayan, Immanuel Bloch, Christian Gross

E01.00096: Measuring Many-body Coherence in Weakly Interacting Fermi Gases
Saeed Pegahan, Ilya Arakelyan, John E. Thomas

E01.00097: Selected applications of ultracold strontium: quasicrystals, anyons, and compact atom sources
Max Prichard, Toshihiko Shimasaki, Peter Dotti, Enrique Morell, Jared Pagett, David Weld

E01.00099: Rabi oscillations and Ramsey-type pulses in ultracold bosons: Role of interactions
Q. Guan, T. M. Bersano, S. Mossman, P. Engels, D. Blume

E01.00101: Creating solitonic excitations with controllable velocity in Bose-Einstein condensates
Amilson R Fritsch, Mingwu Lu, Graham H Reid, Alina M Pi\~{n}eiro, Ian B Spielman

E01.00102: Quantum droplet in a mixture of Rb and Na Bose-Einstein condensates
Zhichao GUO, Fan Jia, Lintao Li, Dajun Wang

E01.00103: Pattern formation and gauge-induced domains in a driven Bose-Einstein Condensate
Kaixuan Yao, Zhendong Zhang, Liangchao Chen, Cheng Chin

E01.00104: Higher-order matter-wave solitons formed by inter- action quenches
Y. Jin, D. Luo, J. H. V. Nguyen, R. G. Hulet, B. Malomed, O. Marchukov, V. Yurovsky, V. Dunjko, M. Olshanii

E01.00106: Observations of ultracold atoms in microgravity shell potentials
Nathan Lundblad, Ryan Carollo, David Aveline, Courtney Lannert, Karmela Padavic, Brendan Rhyno, Smitha Vishveshwara

E01.00108: Progress on Measurements of the Time a Tunnelling Bose-Einstein Condensate Spends in the Classically Forbidden Region
Joseph McGowan IV, David Spierings, Aephraim Steinberg

E01.00109: Probing driven quantum systems with ultracold lithium in optical lattices
Ethan Simmons, Roshan Sajjad, Alec Cao, Jeremy Tanlimco, David Weld

E01.00110: Mapping imaging transfer functions through holographic field correlations
Francisco Salces-Carcoba, C. J. Billington, E. Aluntas, Y. Yue, I. B. Spielman

E01.00112: Atom Chip Radio-Frequency Traps for Neutral Atoms
Andrew Rotunno, Shuangli Du, Doug Beringer, Seth Aubin

E01.00114: Three fermions with high angular momentum in the unitarity limit
Yu-Hsin Chen, Chris Greene

E01.00115: Cooling Rubidium 87 Atoms Using Adiabatic Expansion in Microgravity
Adelaide Pollard, Cass Sackett

E01.00118: Modeling the Speed and Efficiency of an Optical Conveyor
Garrett Hickman, Mark Saffman

E01.00119: An Integrated Portable 2D Magneto-optical Trap System for the Production of a Cold Cesium Beam
Jonathan Yang, Kaiyue Wang, Eric Mulero-Flores, Cameron Caligan, Matthew Dittrich, Colin Parker

E01.00120: Building a magneto-optical trap with millimeter ball lenses
Michael Viray, Leo Nofs, Cainan Nichols, Eric Paradis, Georg Raithel

E01.00121: Progress towards laser cooling of AlCl
John Daniel, Kayla Rodriguez, Taylor Lewis, Shane Kelly, Alexander Teplukhin, Brian Kendrick, Christopher Bardeen, Shan-Wen Tsai, Boerge Hemmerling

E01.00122: Holographic Generation of Laguerre-Gaussian Beams with Aberration Control Using a Digital Micromirror Device
Kaiyue Wang, Colin Parker

E01.00123: Towards sympathetic rotational cooling of CaH$^+$ in a hybrid atom-ion trap
Eric Pretzsch, Jyothi Saraladevi, Lu Qi, Evan Reed, Kenneth Brown

E01.00124: Continuous BECs and superradiant clocks with strontium
Shayne Bennetts, Chun-Chia Chen, Rodrigo Gonzalez-Escudero, Francesca Fama, Sheng Zhou, Benjamin Pasquiou, Florian Schreck

E01.00125: Towards a Magneto-Optical Trap of Potassium Atoms Loaded from a Cold Buffer Gas Beam
Maryam Hiradfar, Sridhar Prabhu, Eunice Lee, Zack Lasner, Benjamin Augenbraun, Lawrence Cheuk, John Doyle

E01.00126: Sawtooth Wave Adiabatic Passage in a Magneto-Optical Trap
Murray Holland, John Bartolotta

E01.00127: An apparatus for laser-cooling and trapping potassium with reduced magnetic field fluctuations
William Tavis, Jonathan Wrubel, Kellan Kremer, Matt Beauchem

E01.00128: A magneto-optical trap with octupolar symmetry for sub-Doppler cooling
Jonathan Wrubel, William Tavis, Kellan Kremer

E01.00129: Progress Towards a Magneto-Optical Trap of Titanium
Scott Eustice, Kayleigh Cassella, Diego Peña, Miguel Aguirre, Dan Stamper-Kurn

E01.00130: A generalized phase space approach for solving quantum spin dynamics
Bihui Zhu, Ana Maria Rey, Johannes Schachenmayer

E01.00131: Measurement of AC polarizability and photoionization cross section of the Rb $5D_{3/2}$ state in a 1064 nm optical lattice
Ryan Cardman, Jamie L. MacLennan, Xiaoxuan Han, Georg Raithel

E01.00132: Optical phase dependence and formation time for superlattice density patterns in a 6-beam $\sigma +$-$\sigma $-- optical lattice.
Timothy Roach, Wilber Alfaro Castro

E01.00133: Towards two dimensional synthetic lattice of momentum states
Shraddha Agrawal, Sai Naga Manoj Paladugu, Fangzhao Alex An, Hannah Jean Manetsch, Bryce Gadway

E01.00134: Realization of individual addressing on two-dimensional ion crystal using MEMS mirror
Zhengyang Cai, Mu Qiao, Chunyang Luan, Pengfei Wang, Kihwan Kim

E01.00135: Optical rotation of few-ion crystals
ARPITA PAL, M Bhattacharya

E01.00138: Near-ground state cooling and sensing experiments with 2D arrays of hundreds of trapped ions
M. Affolter, K.A. Gilmore, J.E. Jordan, J.J. Bollinger, A. Shankar, R.J. Lewis-Swan, A.M. Rey, M. Holland

E01.00139: $^{138}$Ba$^{+}$ Zeeman qubit operation through Raman transition
Liudmila Zhukas, Tomasz Sakrejda, Boris Blinov

E01.00141: Characterization of a Structural Phase Transition in Ultracold Ion Crystals
Brendin Chow, Jie Zhang, Paul Haljan

E01.00142: The $^{133}\mathrm{Ba}^{+}$ Ion Platform
Z. S. Smith, D. Hucul, W. T. Grant, P. Haas, H. J. Rutbeck-Goldman, B. Tabakov, J. A. Williams, C. F. Woodford, K.-A. Brickman-Soderberg

E01.00143: A High Fidelity AC-Stark Shift Gate for Trapped-Ion Clock-State Qubits
Daniel Stack, Bryce Bjork, Michael Foss-Feig, John Gaebler, David Hayes, Mark Kokish, Christopher Langer, Jonathon Sedlacek, Grahame Vittorini, Charles Baldwin

E01.00144: Ablation Ion Source for Cold Chemistry
Timothy Burke, Richard Mattish, Joan Marler

E01.00145: Apparatus for Rb-$^{\mathrm{129}}$Xe/$^{\mathrm{131}}$Xe-N$_{\mathrm{2\thinspace }}$vapor cells.
Sin Hyuk Yim, Sangkyung Lee, Tae hyun Kim, Deok Young Lee, Kyu Min Shim

E01.00146: Noise reduction in $^{\mathrm{87}}$Rb-$^{\mathrm{129}}$Xe/$^{\mathrm{131}}$Xe atom spin gyroscopes based on parametric modulation
Sangkyung Lee, Sin Hyuk Yim, Deok Young Lee, Tae Hyun Kim, Kyumin Shim

E01.00147: Quantum-enabled spectroscopy of trapped highly charged ions for tests of fundamental physics
Alessandro L. Banducci, Samuel M. Brewer

E01.00148: Ultrasensitive Force sensing with optically levitated nanoparticles
Evan Weisman, Chethn Galla, Ghambir Ranjit, Cris Montoya

E01.00150: Calculation of the $3C/3D$ line intensity ratio in Fe XVII
Charles Cheung, Mikhail Kozlov, Sergey Porsev, Marianna Safronova

E01.00151: High-Precision Transition Amplitude and Polarizability Measurements in Atomic Lead using Faraday Rotation Spectroscopy
John Lacy, Abdullah Nasir, Gabriel Patenotte, Protik Majumder

E01.00152: Upgrades for an Improved Measurement of the Permanent EDM of Radium
Tenzin Rabga, Kevin Bailey, Michael Bishof, Donald Booth, Mathew Dietrich, John Greene, Peter Mueller, Thomas O'Connor, Roy Ready, Jaideep Singh

E01.00154: Material magnetism characterization for particle trap design
Samuel Fayer, Gerald Gabrielse

E01.00155: Search for a variation of the fine-structure constant around the supermassive Black Hole in our Galactic Center
Benjamin Roberts, A. Hees, T. Do, A. M. Ghez, S. Nishiyama, R. Bentley, A. K. Gautam, S. Jia, T. Kara, J. R. Lu, H. Saida, S. Sakai, M. Takahashi, Y. Takamori

E01.00156: Deuteron to Proton Mass Ratio from Precision Measurement of the Cyclotron Frequencies of H$_2^+$ and D$^+$ with H$_2^+$ in a Resolved Ro-vibrational State
David Fink, Edmund Myers

E01.00157: Continued Work on Improving the Precision of Helium Laser Spectroscopy
Garnet Cameron, Jonathan Cuevas, Ali Khademian, David Shiner

E01.00158: Time-reversal test in radiative beta decay: progress
J.A. Behr, A. Gorelov, J.C. McNeil, D. Melconian, M. Anholm, G. Gwinner, T. Valencict, A. Afanassieva

E01.00160: Development of a silicon photomultiplier module for ACME III
Takahiko Masuda, Daniel Ang, James Chow, David DeMille, John Doyle, Gerald Gabrielse, Zhen Han, Bingjie Hao, Peiran Hu, Nicholas Hutzler, Daniel Lascar, Siyuan Liu, Cole Meisenhelder, Cristian Panda, Noboru Sasao, Satoshi Uetake, Xing Wu, Koji Yoshimura

E01.00162: High-precision ultracold-molecule spectroscopy for metrology and new physics
Emily Tiberi, Hendrik Bekker, Kon H Leung, Chih-Hsi Lee, Iwona Majewska, Robert Moszynski, Tanya Zelevinsky

E01.00168: Characterization of ultracold 88Sr atoms for the dipolar interaction of the 3P0-3D1 transition
Shengnan Zhang, Preetam Ramchurn, Yeshpal Singh, Kai Bongs