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P06.00001: Quench dynamics and Townes soliton formation in two-dimensional Bose gases
Cheng-An Chen, Chen-Lung Hung

P06.00002: Formation of bright matter-wave breathers
D. Luo, Y. Jin, J. H. V. Nguyen, R. G. Hulet, B. A. Malomed, O. Marchukov, V. A. Yurovsky, V. Dunjko, M. Olshanii

P06.00004: Magnetic solitons in a spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate
Di Lao, Xiao Chai, Kazuya Fujimoto, Ryusuke Hamazaki, Masahito Ueda, Chandra Raman

P06.00005: An Improved Many-Body Ansatz for a Hypervectorial Description of Bose-Einstein Condensates
Hyunwoo Lee, Chris Greene

P06.00008: Quench-produced solitons in a box-trapped Bose-Einstein condensate
Eli Halperin, John Bohn