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D04.00003: Probing Excited State Molecular Dynamics with Time-resolved Velocity Map Imaging of Photoelectrons and Photoions
Yusong Liu, Pratip Chakraborty, Samuel McClung, Spiridoula Matsika, Thomas Weinacht

D04.00004: Electronic relaxation of pyrazine probed at the carbon K-edge
Valeriu Scutelnic, Michael Epshtein, Stephen Leone

D04.00007: Attosecond electronic and nuclear quantum photodynamics of ozone
Gabor Jozsef Halasz, Benjamin Lasorne, Fabien Gatti, Piero Decleva, Agnes Vibok

D04.00008: Probing Delayed C--I Bond Fission in the UV Photochemistry of 2-iodothiophene with Core-to-Valence Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
B.W. Toulson, M. Borgwardt, D. Facciala, D.M. Neumark, S.R. Leone, O. Gessner