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R12.00001: Precision measurement of the positron asymmetry of laser-cooled, spin-polarized \textsuperscript{37}K
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Dan Melconian, B. Fenker, J.A. Behr, M. Anholm, D. Ashery, R.S. Behling, I. Cohen, I. Craiciu, A. Gorelov, G. Gwinner, J. McNeil, M. Mehlman, S. Smale, C.L. Warner

R12.00002: Time reversal violation in radiative beta decay: experimental plans
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
J.A. Behr, J. McNeil, M. Anholm, A. Gorelov, D. Melconian, D. Ashery

R12.00004: Progress towards barium daughter tagging in $Xe^{136}$ decay using single molecule fluorescence imaging
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Austin Mcdonald, Ben Jones, Jordan Benson, David Nygren

R12.00006: Sensitivity of the LUX detector to the possible neutrinoless double beta decay of $^{134}$Xe
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Evan Pease

R12.00007: A New Strangeness Fit to World Parity-Violating Electron Scattering Data
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Benjamin Gilbert

R12.00008: Project 8: Towards cyclotron radiation emission spectroscopy on tritium
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Martin Fertl

R12.00009: Project 8 Phase II: Improved beta decay electrons reconstruction
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Mathieu Guigue