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B3.00001: Testing gravity with Lunar Laser Ranging: An update on the APOLLO experiment
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
James Battat, Nick Colmenares, Rodney Davis, Louisa Huang Ruixue, Thomas W. Murphy, Jr.

B3.00004: Spin Precessing Black Hole Binaries in Dynamical Chern-Simons Gravity
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Nicholas Loutrel, Nicolas Yunes, Takahiro Tanaka

B3.00005: Hamiltonian formalism for Perturbed Black Hole Spacetimes
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Deyan Mihaylov, Jonathan Gair

B3.00006: Relativistic stars in scalar-tensor theories with disformal coupling
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Hector O. Silva, Masato Minamitsuji

B3.00007: Biconformal Compactification
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Benjamin Lovelady, James Wheeler

B3.00008: The Spacetime Between Einstein and Kaluza-Klein: Further Explorations
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Chris Vuille

B3.00009: Constraining Gravity at Large Scales with Clusters of Galaxies
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
D. Rapetti, M. Cataneo, F. Schmidt, L. Lombriser, B. Li, A. Mantz, S. Allen, D. Applegate, P. Kelly, A. von der Linden, R. G. Morris