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R3.00001: The Effect of Supermassive Black Hole Binary Environments on Time to Detection for the Stochastic Background
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Sarah Vigeland, Xavier Siemens

R3.00002: Efficiently Simulating the Evolution of Massive Black Holes, and Implications for NANOGrav and LISA
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Sean McWilliams

R3.00003: Constraining stellar binary black hole formation scenarios with LISA eccentricity measurements
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Emanuele Berti, Atsushi Nishizawa, Alberto Sesana, Antoine Klein

R3.00004: Radiation Transport in Dynamic Spacetimes
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Jeremy Schnittman, John Baker, Zachariah Etienne, Bruno Giacomazzo, Bernard Kelly

R3.00005: Distinguishing transients from merger characteristics in EM signals from black hole binary mergers.
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Bernard Kelly, Zachariah Etienne, Bruno Giacomazzo, John Baker, Jeremy Schnittman

R3.00007: The population of low-mass X-ray binaries ejected from black-hole retaining globular clusters
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Matthew Giesler, Drew Clausen, Christian Ott

R3.00008: Gravitational waves from a plunge into a nearly extremal Kerr black hole
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Lior M. Burko, Gaurav Khanna