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C5.00001: SENR: A Next-Generation, Super-Efficient Numerical Relativity Code for the Age of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Zachariah Etienne, Ian Ruchlin, Thomas Baumgarte

C5.00002: SENR, A Super-Efficient Code for Gravitational Wave Source Modeling: Latest Results
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Ian Ruchlin, Zachariah Etienne, Thomas Baumgarte

C5.00003: A Parallel Wavelet Approach for Binary Compact Object Mergers
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Hyun Lim, Eric Hirschmann, David Neilsen, William Black, Matthew Anderson, Hari Sundar, Milinda Fernando

C5.00004: General Relativistic Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics code developments: A progress report
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Joshua Faber, Zachary Silberman, Monica Rizzo

C5.00005: Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically on Manifolds with Arbitrary Topologie
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Lee Lindblom