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U9.00001: Simulation study of pixel detector charge digitization
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Fuyue Wang, Benjamin Nachman, Maurice Sciveres

U9.00002: Chronopixels: particle detector R{\&}D for the ATLAS phase 2 upgrade
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Christian Weber, Keith Baker, Thomas Barker, Charles Baltay, Nikolai Sinev, Jim Brau, David Strom

U9.00003: Data Quality Monitoring System for New GEM Muon Detectors for the CMS Experiment Upgrade
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Robert King

U9.00004: Analysis of Performance of a Radiation-Hard, Highly-Segmented Shashlik Electromagnetic Calorimeter in the CERN H4 Testbeam
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Eric Culbertson, Chris Neu, Gage DeZoort, Alexander Ledovskoy, Tutanon Sinthuprasith

U9.00006: The FPGA based L1 track finding Tracklet approach
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Savvas Kyriacou

U9.00007: Scintillator Based Tracking Detectors for a Muon System at Future Colliders
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Dmitri Denisov, Valery Evdokimov, Strahinja Lukic, Predrag Ujic

U9.00008: The upgraded K-Long and Muon Detector at Belle II
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Taylor Kimmel

U9.00009: Results of FE65-P2 Stability Tests for the High Luminosity LHC Upgrade
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Katherine Dunne