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S4.00001: First NuSTAR observations of the BL Lac -- type blazar PKS 2155-304: constraints on the jet content and distribution of radiating particles
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Grzegorz Madejski, Krzysztof Nalewajko, Kristin Madsen, James Chiang, Mislav Balokovic, David Paneque, Amy Furniss

S4.00002: Observations of recent flares of the blazar 1ES1959+650 with VERITAS
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Yuyang Zhou, Marcos Santander

S4.00007: Hunting for Point Sources in the Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Sky
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Siddharth Mishra Sharma, Mariangela Lisanti, Lina Necib, Benjamin Safdi

S4.00009: First Results from the 7 Ms Chandra Deep Field-South Survey: A Good Hard Look at Growing Supermassive Black Holes in the Distant Universe
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
William Brandt