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C2.00001: Novel Tests of Gravity at the Sub-millimeter Scale
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Gabriela Martinez, Jeremy Johnson, Ian Guerrero, C.D. Hoyle

C2.00002: Covariance and Quantum Cosmology: A Comparison of Two Matter Clocks
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Theodore Halnon, Martin Bojowald

C2.00003: Comparison of Alternative Gravity Models in Dwarf Galaxy Rotation Curves
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Justin Harrington, Taylor Saintable, James O'Brien

C2.00005: Study of enhancing a hadronic search for supersymmetry with quark/gluon discrimination
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Louis Penafiel

C2.00006: The Fast Interaction Trigger Detector of ALICE at the LHC
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Keenan Lambert, Shanice Brown, Calvin Powell, Austin Harton, Edmundo Garcia-Solis

C2.00007: Studying B-Tagging Performance for new physics searches with the CMS Detector at the LHC
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
David Last

C2.00008: Title: Seesaw Search with Multilepton Final States using 13 TeV LHC Data
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Grace Haza

C2.00009: Improving calorimeter resolution using temperature compensation calculations
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Joseph Smiga, Martin Purschke