Meeting Information

What's the Matter? My insights on what others seem to have missed about Time & Space (Virtual)

April 15, 2020

Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Speaker: Rudolph A. Krutar, Programming Language & System Designer, Quantum Logic Programming Specialist, Adjunct Professor, Computer Power Tutor, Genealogist, Archaic Methods Researcher, Distinguished Toastmaster, USG (retired)
Title: What's the Matter? My insights on what others seem to have missed about Time & Space
Time and Location: 1pm, Virtual (Zoom)

The Mid-Atlantic Senior Physicists Group of the American Physical Society (APS) will present a virtual test speech on Zoom, which will include:

  • Setup and discuss use of Zoom virtual conferencing
  • A test speech as outlined below
  • Analysis and discussion of our Zoom experience

Abstract: Do you wonder if the Universe is really like they say it is? How can it be? Why halves and thirds? Believe it for a second. Then rethink Time. Where is all the antimatter? What’s the Matter? What are free quarks? What are light and gravity? Why is dark matter dark? How do neutrinos and top quarks decay? What insidious unwarranted assumption is rampant throughout S&T? It’s about Time! How can the expansion of the Universe accelerate? Why are black holes good?

Biography: Rudolph A. Krutar, PhD, DTM is a quantum computer scientist who has wondered about the Universe since childhood. He earned a PhD in Computer Science over forty years ago (CMU '76) studying programming system design. He has been fascinated by simplicity and designed systems accordingly. He spent a sabbatical year studying how we should program quantum computers if and when they become available (NCSU-Raleigh '99), designing a benchmark system called the Rabi Quantum Computer, giving several public lectures about it. He retired from federal service owing to medical problems (NRL '01) and considered his pension a research grant to do anything he DW pleased. He helped create a PhD track in quantum computing at a local university (GMU '03), and created a course in Quantum Computer Programming). He has more recently been collecting his surprises in Physics.