Meetings, Events & Topics

The SPG meetings are held at the American Center for Physics, College Park, MD which is located near the intersection of River Road and Kenilworth Ave. It is easily accessible by either car or Metro.

Speaker Presentations

The Uranium Club format_pdf
Miriam E. Hiebert - October 18th 2023

Dragonfly: Flights of Exploration on an Exotic Ocean World format_pdf
Melissa Trainer - May 18, 2023

Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Gamma-ray Emission format_pdf
Nat Gopalswamy - April 19, 2023

Radio Astronomy format_pdf
Rich Colarco - February 15, 2023

DART: Double Asteroid Redirection Test format_pdf
Andrew Cheng - January 18, 2023

Galileo and the Science Deniers videoicon
Mario Livio - December 21, 2022

Earth's co-evolving geosphere and biosphere: A mineral evolution perspective videoicon
Robert M. Hazen - November 16, 2022

Stochastic Computational Electrostatics and Applications: Computing Capacitance format_pdf
Michael Mascagni - October 19, 2022

Asteroids: Stepping Stones to the Future of Space Exploration format_pdf
Michael C.F. Bazzocchi - September 28, 2022

Virtual Tour of NASA Wallops Flight Facility Operations format_pdf
Michael Hitch - August 17, 2022

The Nature of Time format_pdf
Harold Williams - June 15, 2022

Quantum Hall Array Structures Apply Quantized Resistance in the Wider World format_pdf
Randolph “Rand” Elmquist - May 18, 2022

The Murrow Boys – News Broadcasting During WWII format_pdf
Brian Belanger - April 19, 2022

Modeling Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics by Blending Ideas from Machine Learning and Physics format_pdf
Garegin Papoian - March 16, 2022

The Exploration of the Moon and then onto Mars format_pdf
Jim Green - February 16, 2022

Magnetic Reconnection and Particle Acceleration in Space and Astrophysical Systems format_pdf
James Drake - January 19, 2022

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Planning Activities

The Planning Group makes the arrangements and plans for the SPG's future events. It is an informal group that is open to any interested party. In practice, about 12 people have consistently participated. It is chaired by its founder, Richard Strombotne. It meets on the first Wednesday of the month in the fourth floor conference room at the American Center for Physics, College Park, Maryland.