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May 2008 (Volume 17, Number 5)


PRL Showcases Milestone Papers
Collection will feature significant papers from each of the journal's 50+ years
Macromolecular Self‑Assembly a Promising Alternative to Photolithography
Researchers seek to integrate self‑assembling block co‑polymers into lithographic processes
APS Recognizes Cornell as Birthplace of the Physical Review
Cornell University becomes an APS Historic Site.
Economic Models for Stock Markets Should Incorporate “Outlier” Events
Taking into account rare trading events could help further minimize financial risks
“Mixed Reality” States Explore Link Between Real and Virtual Worlds
First hybrid real/virtual experiment links mechanical pendulum with a virtual one
March Meeting Briefs
Bucklyballs, optical lattices, and subwavelength imaging
Sessions Cover “Designer Viruses”, Spread of Global Disease
Physical virology is an emerging field, with the first Gordon Conference on the topic to be held in 2009
March Meeting Prize and Award Recipients
Group picture of prize and award recipients.
March Meeting Session Addresses Climate Change
Session describes how physics methods can be applied to study this important issue
Workshop Opens Door to Energy Research
New Orleans workshop explored areas where physics research can help solve the global energy problem


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications....
Referees Can Be Ignorant, Arrogant  •  Germany’s Chancellor Holds Physics PhD  •  Education Courses Don’t Help
The Back Page
Peer Review at the Physical Review


This Month in Physics History
May 1801: Thomas Young’s double slit experiment
Washington Dispatch
A bimonthly update from the APS Office of Public Affairs
International News
"To speak for those who can't"
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Practical corollaries to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
Profiles In Versatility
Quants and the conquest of the street called Wall

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